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Full Version: [Newcastle, UK] Northern Brawl Spring Edition 29/04/12
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Date: SUNDAY 29th April ( 29/04/12)
Time:2pm (can make it later if needed post if its going to be a problem)
If everybody can be there and registered for 1:45 that would be awesome Smile
Estimated Duration 2hours (Depends on entrants and format used)

Venue: Leazes Park (Band Stand Area) Newcastle (North East, UK).
Direction from St James Park
Directions from St Jamses Park metro station.
We will be under the band stand if it decides to drizzle. If anyone has an umbrella I would sujest bringing it just incase Smile

If anyone is travelling from out of the area I would recomend using the tyne and wear metro service to get to st james park metro station. I will meet up with people at St James metro station at 12. If your coming from far and want to to meet you at central station please say so and i'll make special arrangements.

Format: Round Robin (Block RR if we get enough)

Entry Fee:
Without Passport £3
Blader Passport holder Free

Prizes Pegasis set, possibly more depending on turnout.
Judges: Newt

Signed up
Meadowell +1

It's official invite all your friends Smile
Glad you got this official now, if we can definitely get 8 people I'll go and I'll bring my stadium
Unconfirmed thats far from the west mids itz soo far
yes i am looking forward too this
im pumped up for the day now that is officially confirmed count on me to bring my stadium as well
It will be great to see you guys again. Btw can anyone find out of coconut wants to come?
i have no idea if he can make it as i havent seen him since moving images closed
Sorry but I can't make it during term time. If you have another one I'll try my best to attend though.
Apologies for not being able to make it this time to show you guys how this game is played but good luck to all non the less.
angelofdarkness and his little brother are going to come on sunday. which means we have nine players yess
(Apr. 26, 2012  6:47 PM)Meadowell Wrote: [ -> ]angelofdarkness and his little brother are going to come on sunday. which means we have nine players yess

Awesome Smile the more the merrier
his little brother doesent know if hes coming but angelofdarkness is definetlry coming
We definitely gonna get 8? Any more info as to who and who isn't meant to be turning up?
as it stands the list is


Thats everybody thats posted to say they will definately be there. But last time we had like 5 others showing up that didnt post beforehand
Again didn't happen, only 5 showed up
Aww Unhappy.
Good to know me not attending didn't make the difference though.
still nice too see some old faces again though
Ah, this is really disappointing. I think this time we will really give a forty-percent warning to those who committed to coming but did not. This is just ridiculous.
^Agreed. Only five people that's a terrible turnout. Did that include you also newt?
(Apr. 30, 2012  6:38 AM)Black_Rose Wrote: [ -> ]^Agreed. Only five people that's a terrible turnout. Did that include you also newt?

That included Newt yeah - it's a pain for me to come all that way twice now and not have it happen but at least Newts trying to get things organized and doing all he can to get people down, like on Sunday if the weather is terrible and people like Poseidon rely on lifts down the chances are they won't turn up, not much you can do when there isn't that big a base up North like in London.
The way I see it is tournaments should just wait till summer round here and even then turn out will be random at best. The novelty has worn off and most adults just are not willing to take their kids if they already have plans for the day or maybe the fact it isn't an indoor venue. From what I've seen at yugi, pokemon and warhammer events parents treat these things as free child care while they can go off and do whatever.
im gonna be honest i checked if this was here a while ago and i thought it wasnt happening i just saw this thread today.