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Full Version: [Farmington Hills, Michigan, 4/29/2012] Da WRETCHED Beyblade Tournament!
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Da WRETCHED Beyblade Tournament!

Date: Sunday April 29th, 2012

Time: Registration 12:00pm, Tournament Starts 1:30pm Sharp

Location is at Heritage Park in Farmington Hills, Click on the link below for Location.

Here is a Closer Look at Heritage Park!

Format: TBD depending on number of bladers
Surface: On Concrete Under Shelter or Grass!
Fees: Standard WBO fees ($5 Tournament entry fee or free with a Blader Passport)
Prizes: (TBD)
Judges: DaWRETCHED-one and Klaus

**Weather** Looks to be Partly Cloudy at the high of 56 degrees, Bring Gloves and Blankets Looks like it's gonna be another cold Michigan Tournament!!!

Yuko Ray14
Random Guy
Masta Blasta
J Money

Purchase your Passport here
Be familiar with the rules
Awesome dude! and even more awesome (for us at least lol) I talked to the lady and she moved the photoshoot to Saturday! It was her friend who was the photographer thank goodness! So Sagittario-Fire and I are coming. And I'll do whatever you need me to, alright!
I need to take out my video camera and camera this time too. Had them with me last time and never took them out once lol
I think this is in the wrong forum, hah.

Anyways, it's great to see the Michigan area is so active nowadays! Good luck! Smile

OOooooweeee! That's awesome! I'm happy that you guys are comming!


Kai-V pm'd me and said to make the thread in WBO General Forum. And thanks!
Sign me up
(Apr. 20, 2012  7:11 PM)StormPegasus645 Wrote: [ -> ]Sign me up

Welcome Aboard!

But Train Hard Luke Skywalker! hehe "Let the Force be with you!"
i can make it!
i have a friend his name is N3M$!$ sighn him up he will tell me 100% if he is going later
wow he beat me to the punch i gues he's going
also meet team B-troitDemotition my teamates are N3M$!$ and stormpegasus645
My Brother might come too
every body im the best blader no one can beat me
I have a recruit mike 8 he wants me to sighn him up
Hey Sign me up im coming with a few members of our group
HAHA! Bring your Jackets, Gloves, Blankets anything to stay warm, It's going to be chilly.
I'll have a few items with me if anybody is interested
Zero-G Start Dash set $75
Samurai Ifriad $20
Diablo Nemesis $18
just testing our market. If they sell I'll bring more to Bey Days in Grand Rapids.
Ooooohoo! The Weather Tomorrow will be Sunny High 62 degrees!
Mostly sunny skies. High 62F. Winds NE at 5 to 10 mph

Still...Bring gloves just in case, you never know!

I will be providing Hot dogs, chips and water, so with about almost 20 participants expect to be at the tournament for 3-4 hours!

Well, i will see you Bladers Tomorrow, Bring your "A" Game because Team Wretched WILL NOT GO EASY ON YOU!!!!
Hahaha The Legendbladers are ready!
I think it will be quicker than that DaWRETCHED. Remember our last tournament was Full Round Robin with 10 bladers, where this will be Block Round Robin or possibly double elimination if we get a few people who like to surprise everyone... (so annoying lol)
Don't count out team B-troitDemolition!
Hey dont count out Detroit BladerZ
SuperSaiyanDBZ and I will be there. With one other one his name on here is 150007565
I hope it's not late to enter i'm so in.

I strive to be the strongest blader
Yaooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ur lookin at the winner right here remember this name Yuko Ray14 or Yuko!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Also, if anyone has any plastic beys please take them for free play Smile
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