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Full Version: General regular show Thread
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this is a General regular show Thread only for talking about regular show.
so whats your fav one my fav one is rigby and mordecai.
i watch the show on cn and i like it. and your fav ep my one is first day beacuse they play rock paper scissors and they make a monster and they got too do a blinking game.dose any one like it any thing you want too talk about regular show post here
fact: This is the best show ever
The yo mamma jokes muscle man does!Grin
you know who else like the my mom jokes muscle man does... my mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hate those jokes there so stupid
The lollipops pops gives!
it's ironic because he is a lollipop
My favorite character is muscle man because of his my mom jokes
My favorite episode is the rap episode
Blitz Comet has the best rap.
It starts like this
Blitz Comet on the scene
Step to me and your gonna get creamed
It ends like this
You gotta get a doctors check up
Cause you so ugly from the neck up
I like all of the Regular show episodes Grin
I like this show, though I can't really say I have a favorite, it's probably Mordecai or Rigby.
my favorite is when rigby changes his name to trashboat, because of mr.buttcheecks and everyone kills eachother with instruments. my second is the rap one
My favorite episode is the first one ... The power.
Mortacai and Rigby all the way
Sorry for the necro, but my love for this show is to powerful.

Fav character: rigby (AKA rigbaby XD) and muscle man (AKA Mitch sorenstein)
Fav episode: the rap episode (did anyone notice that the rapper in the beginning was the voice of a semi-famous rapper?), but they are all so amazing XD
Yeah, I noticed that the rapper from that episode was famous.

Regular Show is pretty cool, I like the "Meat your Maker" one.
What I really like are that there are a lot of cultural references that most kids won't get.
Actually there were two famous rappers: Childish Gambino and Tyler, The Creator
Mordecai and Skips are definitely my faves. My favorite episode was the New Year's Eve one. It was funny at the end.
Oh! I forgot the 4th of July one, that's one of my top faves Smile
What's funny is how random regular show is.
Anybody excited for next Monday's episode?

Time to find out more about an extremely buff, immortal, albino gorilla. It'll be cool to find out about his girlfriend, he's mentioned her before.
My favourite episode when Rigby changed his name into Trasboat XDXDXDXDXDXD
Ha, it's so weird and random... The doll one was creepy.