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Full Version: a good smasher and phantom fox combonation
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i figured out this awesome smasher that practically decimates beyblades
AR:phantom fox
WD:circle wide
RC:metal flat core
although it had low endurance after a while it destroyed the plastics in almost a 1 to 3 hit ko
the HMS i test against it lost in 1-2 hit ko
works with both left and right spin

the next was not a smasher but it did have good endurance and stability.
it is the phantom fox HMS just replace the attack ring with ADVANCE ATTACKER
AR: advance attacker
WD:CWD Circle Attacker
RC:bushin core.
this works with bot left and right spin. the AR: helps the beyblade remain stable when it has split into two

i also figured out the secret to keep phantom fox together until it has taken a strong hit. lock the beyblade to its right on the blue side that launch the beyblade in left spin this will provide extra power against any enemy even those pesky smash attack beyblade