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Full Version: Should old beys be re-incorperated into Zero-G?
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The sibling to the MFB thread of the same title, the idea here and rules are essentialy the same, but for Zero-G. [b] HOWEVER, in this thread, beys from the Plastics, HMS and MFB series can be mentioned here. Remember to elaborate on your posts.

UPDATE: Because Zero-G uses a warrior motif, your ideas should follow that motif. If you wont follow that motif, you must atleast think of a new track and/or trip that is suited for Zero-G. If you will not do that, then atleast describe what the crystal and chrome wheels would look like. You may use any combination of these 3 ideas,or create your own Zero-G idea for an old bey that I did not list here, but you have to make sure that your idea for an old bey is related to Zero-G, and described well, otherwise just post in the MFB re-incorperation.

Your post must also be centered around a main opinion of agree, disagree or I don't know/care or undecided. Without this, you are just posting about a random creation, and that alone does not belong here.
I was thinking Blade Breakers are rather perfect for this:

Knight Dranzer AD145HF/S is kickarse. Dark Violet crystal wheel, Painted Dark Blue Chromium Wheel.

Crystal Wheel is asymmetrical: Two sides are the sides of a knights shield.

Ninja Driger S130 Metal FS. Warm Yellow Crystal Wheel, Gunmetal Chromium Wheel.

Crystal Wheel is asymmetrical: Resembles the front view of a Tiger's maw.

Fighter Dragoon UW145RSF. Aether (Clear White.... Just clear) Crystal Wheel, Silver Chromium Wheel with Crimson Accents.

Crystal Wheel is asymmetrical: Body of a dragon circling clockwise

A few Metal Fight Beyblades need this too;

Guardian COUNTER L-Drago Circle 1.50 XF. Royal Navy Crystal Wheel, Gold Chromium Wheel.

Archer Sagittario/Minotaur Eternal-Attack 1.45 (Three-Winged WA130 Essentially) FB. Dandelion Crystal Wheel, Black and Silver Chromium wheel.

Crystal Wheel is asymmetrical: Side profile of a bow and arrow.

Explorer Aries WD145 Circle Defense Flat. Atomic Pink Crystal Wheel, Metallic Purple Aries Chromium Wheel.

Crystal Wheel is asymmetrical: Front view of a Ram's horns.
(Apr. 10, 2012  2:45 AM)Apply Without Wrote: [ -> ]I was thinking Blade Breakers are rather perfect for this:

Knight Dranzer AD145HF/S is kickarse. Dark Violet crystal wheel, Painted Dark Blue Chromium Wheel.

Ninja Driger S130MFS. Warm Yellow Crystal Wheel, Gunmetal Chromium Wheel.

Fighter Dragoon UW145RSF. Aether (Clear White.... Just clear) Crystal Wheel, Silver Chromium Wheel with Crimson Accents.
Yes I would definitely want this to happen! Would be so awesome to have that! It would be cool if there was ______ Dragoon LEGT125RGF (left engine gear tornado 125 rubber gear flat). Like Dragoon G Grin but with metal on the wheel and a rubber tip
We need warrior classes, or at least until Zero-G further confirms that "bravery" and "tenacity" should be fitting names for Crystal Wheels...

Edit because I posted again (oh and track and tips are essentially pearl color schemes):

Thief Galmon AD145BS. Lavender Crystal Wheel, Silver Chromium Wheel.

Crystal Wheel...... ?

Assassin Galeon WA130MS. Clear Black Crystal Wheel, Black Chromium Wheel.

Crystal Wheel is asymmetrical: Two sickle-blades in opposite positions.
Updated the rules a bit to be somewhat more specific
It's just not going to happen, period.
Now that we have some opinions forming, I will add some input

The possibility existed with MFB, but it never happened. And while Zero-G is essentialy MFB, it is now so far away from HMS and Plastics. And with this new "RPG" naming style, I dont see anything more creative than "Knight Dranzer/Diger" being put into play. Zero-G is a bit similar to HMS in one or 2 ways, but otherwise, Ill agree with Beybrad in saying that this will never happen. However I will add onto it by saying it would be interesting of it did.

Overall, I vote undecided

HOWEVER, I do believe beys from MFB should get an Zero G makeover. Pegasus and Unicorns are mythical beings, as well as Dragons, so to see Ginga, Ryuga and Masamune again with new beys would not suprise me. I would actualy like to see a Pegasus ZG, Unicorno ZG, and L-Drago ZG
Really, It would be interesting to see how old beys would be like incorporated into ZG. The chrome wheels should resemble their respective CWs. Like Striker's would have the horns thing going, just more ZG style. It would also be interesting to see how Bull would be like, along with Eagle, especially since Tsubasa and Benkei make an appearance in the new anime. But if they did incorporate old beys, the public would want a re-done Earth Eagle, so that would require straying from the warrior gimmick, that is if TT wanted to please the public.
As LeonTempest said before, mythical beasts/warriors are the theme for Zero-G, so things like Unicorns, Pegasi, Centaurs and Dragons will likely return. We already know we are getting a phoenix again. They could probably bring back Bull as a Minotaur as well.
Now, remember that Bakuten Shoot Beyblade wasn't canon to MFB. Zero G is. So, the possibility of it happening is quite high. Here are a few of my ideas.
Guardian Pegasus W2S145 (Wide Wing Smash 145) CXF (Circle Extreme Flat)
Assassin Unicornus H145 SF (Stern/Star Flat)
Commander Minotaur BDv2145 (Boost Disk Version 2, merges with the Samurai Crystal Wheel) DS
Thief Centaur A150 (Arrow 150) D
Shaman Dragor S130 WB

Wow. Those are really cool ideas. You should post those in the 'Beyblade parts you want to see!' or 'future beyblade ideas' threads. But I have to say,I'm curious about what Star/Stern Flat should be named, since Semi Flat has aready taken that name.
Unicorno, being refered to so many times as a "Lance" could provide a nice basis for a warrior theme. Considering part of Zero G's plot revolves around Zero finding Ginga, I am sure we will see either Wing Pegasis or a Zero G Pegasus
A Zero-G Pegasus would be the best thing ever, Leon. I just got a little excited there haha.

Edit (I should post another idea, then):

Hero Pegasus Gravity : Drive

Hero implies Pegasus' wing design with basic shapes. (Dark Crimson)
Pegasus would be a front-view of Pegasus emblem. Exactly like the BMF logo's Pegasus. (Royal Blue)
Gravity Drive is basically four metal balls inside an Final Drive with a Coat Sharp at the bottom. Sans tip switch.

Hunter Leone Resistant-Force 145 Defense Ball
Hunter Resembles the mane of a Lion, Dark Green
Leone is Silver, showing a face of a lion at the bottom with two lions "competing" for the crystal
RF145's the reverse version of DF145 essentially.
Defense Ball sounds exactly what it is.
I was actualy just thinking that a Zero-G Pegasus would be called "Hero Pegasus" Smile
In my opinion, it'd be cool, but I like the uniqueness of Zero-G. I don't think any of the series would fit in well with another series. They'd be a couple of misfits, and we've seen how the head elf reacts to that.
id love to see Polta again hows Specter polta sound? id use phantom but its already taken XD
Make your idea more specific to Zero-G please. Thanks
DO IT! or dont. But im with doing it
Well it go like this

Polta would be a somewhat circular chrome wheel with grooves on the edge to give it the whole "sheet" ghost look and at the base of it a stylized cartoony face to fit with poltas old design. The crystal wheel spector would be a combination of clear and translucent orange plastic made into a lantern like shape, the same kind that polta carried in the bit chip and as for track and bottom well id go with

Lantern120- basically a mid size track with two rings on the side and a glow in the dark middle, the rings would help maintain balance and be used as hitting tools.

Bottom would be Ghost ball its basically a ball tip thats been turned into CS giving it more surface area to work with.
Nice here could be some cool names
Nomad Minotaur (Bull, essentially) Breaker Horn 1.50 PD

Crystal Wheel: Nomad (Solstice)

Very derivative of the Bull clear wheel, up to the same color even. Except both horns curl and taper around the elemental insignia.

Chromium Wheel: Bull

Just like Hero Pegasus, the front of a bull's head with red and gold eyes.

Spin Track: Breaker Horn 1.50

Basically a Horn (H) equivalent of BD145.

Performance Tip:

Everybody knows Polish Defense by now, lol. Others can read.

Stalker Scorpion 1.70 Wide Semi-Flat

Crystal Wheel: Stalker (Vengeance)

Stalker is an asymmetrical Chrystal wheel similar to Guardian, but a Scorpion tail forming a "perfect circle". Transparent Umbra.

Chromium wheel: Scorpion

Left and right sides are detailed with Scorpion legs, and a teardrop-like shape around its jewel.

Spin Track: 1.70

Generic 1.70

Performance Tip: Wide Semi-Flat

A variant of Semi-Flat, designed specifically for the Zero-G stadiums.