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Full Version: Ipod touch
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I’m thinking about buying an ipod touch, so I was wondering, what are some good and bad things about it? Is it worth the money? Is its Internet really reliable? Is it a good gaming device? And is 16 gigs enough memory for over 600 songs and a bunch of videos?
If you're looking for a solid media player with lots of storage, then the iPod Touch really isn't the best choice. It's overpriced and you can get an iPod with a lot more storage and better battery life for a lot less money.

But if you're interested in the myriad of apps available for the iPod Touch then I guess I can't tell you not to get it. Personally I think the iPod Touch is the biggest joke of a device ever and I would never spend $220 on it -- especially since I got my iPhone for $199 and it, you know, does more. :\
The iPod touch is definately fun with the apps and touch screen. 16 is enough for 600 songs of course. It is really pricey but i don't have anything against it since i didnt pay for mine got it for christmas.

But it depends, are you going for space, reliability and lasting a long time or are you going for fun, games, and a touch-screen?
Theyre releasing a new one in September, it`s supposed to have a camera. I havent seen an official confirmation on that, though.
[Image: newipod.jpg]

I think its this. I searched new ipod touch and found this. If it is, then CARP wow
(Jun. 19, 2009  4:58 AM)jsc Wrote: [ -> ][Image: newipod.jpg]

I think its this. I searched new ipod touch and found this. If it is, then CARP wow

lmao that is obviously just an artist's mock-up.

Given that Apple barely changed the iPhone 3Gs from the 3G, I doubt very much they would radically change the iPod Touch to look anything like that.
Yeah if anything the new iTouch will just have a camera.

I had my hopes up lol but i guess ur right though