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Full Version: Looking for Team Star Brekee DX Set (Sonokong)
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Hi I'm looking for the Team Star Breaker DX set please PM me if you have one that's brand new and your willing to sel it for a reasonable price.
Come on!! How can no one have one?
People may have it, it may be they don't want to sell it.

$54 for it?
that ones the wrong one, heres a link for one but its too expensive for me
Oh, i thought it said Team Excalibur. My apologies.
You can get all of what that set includes for a lower price.
Basalt Horogium- $11.50
Hell Kerbecs- $18.58
(They come with launchers)
Launcher Grip- $29.99 (includes accesories)
And I found theese items really quickly, they are probably the most expensisve ones on Amazon so I am sure you can get them ALOT cheaper.
Hope this helps!
Thanks alot!