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Full Version: [London,United Kingdom] Colindale or North west London
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Hey everyone i was wondering is there any bladers who live in or near colindale or any bladers in north west london. If so feel free to post or talk to me via PM. And fi you want a battle Just give me a time and a placeTongue_out_wink

thanks for reading.
There is already a London thread that exists in this forum...
Ok thanks but also i wanted to know if there are bLADERS in colindale
There are lots of Beyblade Tournaments in London, there might be one coming up soon. Keep checking the Official Events topic.
Thank you Also just Out off curiousity are there any tournement where begginers only can play?
Nope. Tournaments are open to everyone. But your beys are good enough to get you quite a few wins, so you don't have to worry.
Thanks The people here on the wbo are very friendly
can someone make another tournament in central london because i have bladed since i was 10 and still have never been in a tournament.
There are loads of tournaments in London. Check the Official Events forum, there is one coming up on the 21st. Also, that question did not belong here, that was SPAM.