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Full Version: [Bangalore,India] Wrath of the Dragoon (08/04/12)
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Bangalore bladers, you have had the most MFB tourneys in India so far. Now its time for you to get a taste of Plastics as well along with MFB. Feel the Wrath of the Dragoon.

So, its the first MFB+Plastic tournament in Bangalore and the second event of its kind in India.
Here are the details:

Cubbon Park, Bangalore (12.97°N 77.6°E) (Click to View)

Time and Date: Everyone is supposed to be present at the Queens Statue Gate by 11:30 or 12:00. The event will start by 12:30 after parts checking is done.

Entry Fee: Rs. 250 is the one-time entry fee and for passport you need to pay Rs. 500

Host: BladingSpirit5 N0body

There wont be a specific co-host for this event because I dont know anyone Chief - Sigh ... so I have no idea who the co-host should be.. ATM all participants can assume themselves to be co-hosts..

Format: Round Robin Block(if we get enough members) or else we'll have to go for Round Robin.

Make sure that you have gone through all the rules before attending the event.

If you have any questions regarding the entry fee and passport fee, Read this. All the money collected during the event will be sent to the WBO.

Make sure that all of your beys are legal. If you are not sure about them being legal, you can ask in the Ask a question, get an answer! #2 or Plastics Q&A Thread respectively

Prizes are not yet decided.

Now for the attendeesUnhappyin Alphabetical order) (Click to View)

Well looks like it got approved. Grin
I'm going to re-confirm with all the participants again.
Yes,We finnaly got a Tourney,Congrats to Nobody I mean N0body Eee
good doing guys....... you'll got it approved,, that to in no time..
Awesome another tourney
wow!!!another in bangalore!!!gr8 work SAM....and best of luck everyone..!!Smile
(Apr. 06, 2012  5:04 AM)BladingSpirit5 Wrote: [ -> ]Well looks like it got approved. Grin
I'm going to re-confirm with all the participants again.
It got approved earlier than I expected Smile
After you've confirmed with them, just tell me because I need to make the brackets for round robin/ round robin block.

I'll have to make sure that I reach the finals.. for the sake of beyblading in Maharashtra(although I dont think I can beat BladingSpirit5 that easily)
Yup thats true....ur ultimately representing maharashtra...and m quite sure that u'l be placed atleast in first three!!Wink
I know bangalore bladers are more skilled but u can survive amongst them!!Smile
Awesome NObody
2 tourneys in 2 days
India is full of tourneys these 2 weeks
3 Tournament's at a row in India....
Looks like India is going to be burning this whole summer with Bey-Spirit's....
Good luck to you all Smile
We have a major drop out guys..
Electric is not even in the city.
Distructor can't come since it's Easter Sunday.
l drago pegasus has to go out somewhere with his parents.
But luckily, darkbull9999's cousin FlameAquario321 can come, so that puts us at eight.
Raahul's sister might come as well and aqua master might be able to make it. Smile
I knew that 8th being Easter maybe problematic but its alright as long as we have 8 people.. I'll edit the list
Everything is in hand until u have 8 bladers.
Btw 1 day to go.
Have a good tourney. Joyful_2
in the confirmed attendees list you forgot to remove l drago pegasus's names as he is not coming.
I've boarded the flight. Will reach at 8:15..
Today is the Tourney...
All the Best Guys!
Specially BladingSpirit5 and NObody.
May these two seen in the Finals...
Hope so,I Win this one,I'll be tough but I have to win.
all the best SpikeBeyRaahul you rock
Thats it the tourney has already started and I waiting for the results.
Me too BeyBlast,Very exited!
The tourney would already have ended a long long time ago...

What's up guys? Tell us the results please!
All I know unto now is that N0body almost won. Any info beyond that, is just what I and most others have been waiting for... Eee
Looks like I missed something. Didn't I ?

Anyways, I'm eager to know what happened Eee, how did it go ?
Its high time guys please post the results...
Was there any problem????
1st: N0body
2nd: raystriker9
3rd: BladingSpirit5

There was a problem with the finals of the MFB event so the result will be decided by Kai-V
There was a Problem Between N0body and Bs5 in the Finals.

Btw I Came Third in the Mfb Event
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