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Full Version: [Silver Spring, MD] 4/29/12 - The Spring Sortie
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The Spring Sortie

Hi everyone! This is the official thread for The Spring Sortie - being held in the Mid-Atlantic's favorite Beyblade venue, Martin Luther King Jr. Park - on Sunday, April 29.

*Please note that this is a standard MFB tournament.

Kei Wrote:Metal Fight Beyblade ZERO-G products are not legal for use in officially sanctioned WBO tournaments until further notice. Along with testing, and modifying rulebooks accordingly, we also need to consider if we are going to implement a new format (and BeyRank separate from the current one), if we are simply going to modify an old format, or both.

That being said, I will have all of the Zero-G products for sale at the tournament as well as having at least 1 Zero-G attack stadium out and available for people to try out! Its the wave of the future, so get ready for Zero-G!!!

Zero-G products for sale
  • BBG-01 Starter Samurai Ifreid
  • BBG-02 Synchrom Booster Shinobi Saramanda
  • BBG-03 Start Dash Set
  • BBG-04 Zero G Stadium Attack Type
  • BBG-05 Zero G Light Launcher
  • BBG-06 BeyCarrier Zero G
  • BBG-07 Zero G Launcher Grip
Location: Map of MLK Park The closest address to put in your GPS is 1098 Jackson Rd, Silver Spring, MD 20904, but be sure to look at the satellite view of the map above for the actual location of the tournament which will be beside the pavilion (just above the basketball courts)
Registration: 11:00am - Noon
Start time: Noon-thirty Wink
Format: TBD depending on number of bladers
Surface: Grass!
Fees: Standard WBO fees ($5 entry fee or free with a Blader Passport)
Prizes: Zero-G beys and gear (TBD)

Please post to this thread if you plan to make it!

Confirmed attendees:
  1. Arupaeo
  2. Burn Rock Virgo
  3. Ryugablader
  4. Laseryon
  5. Katsuya
  6. Tech
  7. Galaxy4Stars
  8. TheGreatFico
  9. BeyDestroyer21
  10. Shirayuki
  11. Breaker
  12. diabloleone
  13. Sonikkubey
  14. J o n
  15. meteobang
  16. subham123
  17. Pure
  18. geester99
  19. BeyChallenger24
  20. night wing 247
  21. Gingka Blader#1
  22. I M Orange
  23. Bigbang4ever
  24. Cool Blader
  25. WeepingAngel72
  26. Fujita
  27. stormpegasis123
  28. Ryu(WildWing)
  29. XInfernoX

  1. President Obama (not really)
  2. DanDA22
  3. RockLeo145wb
  4. Ndog888
  5. xploder
  6. beydoc123450
  7. drakio
  8. susanow1313
I had a mini heart attack when I saw Obama on there. . . .LOL anyway I'll let you know if Imn coming or not. Zero-G seems interesting to me now Tongue_out
Im coming
i am comin cause i like rainbows =)
Me and Will Smith are coming to this event. lmao
I'm here. I always am!

EDIT: Do you have prices on your Zero-G stuff, Arupaeo?
I might make it. o.o I'll have to check my schedule!
(Apr. 03, 2012  7:20 PM)Katsuya Wrote: [ -> ]Me and Will Smith are coming to this event. lmao

Cool! Guess we'll be gettin jiggy wit it! ;p

(Apr. 03, 2012  7:34 PM)Tech Wrote: [ -> ]I'm here. I always am!

EDIT: Do you have prices on your Zero-G stuff, Arupaeo?

I do indeed. Please send me a PM for more info.

(Apr. 03, 2012  8:18 PM)DanDA22 Wrote: [ -> ]I might make it. o.o I'll have to check my schedule!

Hope to see you there!
Sundays... mean ........ YAY!!!!! I get to come. The is the only time Sunday is better than Saturday though. (Watching a new english ep of BMFE charges my BeySpirit)

I should have my new Blader Passport by this tournament I could get it there but..... theres more reasons to get it now.

EDIT: Didn't want to SPAM with a new post so... Arupaeo please take me off the maybe list, and put me on the confirmed list please.
If this had been going on this weekend, I might've been able to attend hah. My family is going down to D.C. this weekend (of course, not last weekend...) for the Cherry Blossom Festival. So anyways, have fun!
Are you only going to sell zero g stuff? Just askingStupid
Nope. I will also have:

Omega Dragonis (x2)
Random Booster 9 (x6)
Metal Face II
Metal Assist
Launcher Rubber
BeyLauncher L/R (x5)

Are you coming to the tournament?
Put me down as a maybe
I can come! yay! :{ ) mustache man!
I'm going
i'll go
Put me as a maybe
i can come. will you have any strongest blader sets (kinda stupid question but might as well ask)
I am in
i might hav a football game that day. ill see if i can skip :p
how do i get a blader passport
(Apr. 09, 2012  7:54 PM)RockLeo145wb Wrote: [ -> ]how do i get a blader passport

You can simply pay ten dollars instead of the regular five-dollar entry fee, at the event.
Put me on the maybe list. Sounds fun!
P.S I'm new to the WBO!Smile
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