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Full Version: Metal Fight Beyblade 4D - Season Review Thread
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Before you even ask, yes, I got bored. Anywho...

I've seen a lot of talking across the internet about what people thought of 4D, and compared it to previous seasons as "bad" or "horrible". I just thought it'd be nice to have a thread where you could compare your views on the season, as a whole 52 episode season, say what you'd have changed/improved, the reduction to 15 minutes and the highlights of the entire season.

Personally, despite some episodes just being lengthly fillers, I liked the season, although I do agree that it needed to end.
"I am the Champion!" was probably my favourite episode of the season, "Awakening! Anubius" wasn't that far behind it though. Both of which I thought had sufficient content to be interesting, and contain two of my favourite characters revealing themselves as Legend Bladers.

I'm not gonna say everything at once, since I'll have nothing to say later, but what were your views? Enjoy Smile
I found this season pretty odd.
Because I have yet to understand the concept and overall use of the legend bladers. For most of the season we all tought that the combined force of the legendbladers would crush nemesis because they all caried a fragment of the star. And suddenly they wake nemesis up and fight him lose badly get crushed and than we know that every bey caries a small fragment of the star. I mean in other words they where just there all the time to just awake nemesis, so every is a legendblader because the end looked like a spirit bomb gathering or even a shaman king style ending just to say the least.
I was very fond with 4D at the beginning, but started losing much interest as soon as the episodes were cut in half.. I loved the Blitz Unicorno episode.

Oh yeah, forgot to add, they only showed Kreis Cygnus and the protagonist for only like 2 episodes ... Which was bad. But then again, they really had no use whatsoever.

So overall, it was meh~
I can agree that it really could've been better, and the episode cut really ruined it. It felt like episodes lacked content.

And the whole Nemesis thing dragged on for far too long. Even when they defeated it, Nemesis came back AGAIN. The whole "Legendary Bladers" thing was pretty amazing at the beginning as well, they kinda ruined it when it turned out "Everybody possesses a Fragment of the Star" Uncertain
I agree the episode cut ruined it because Nemesis vs Legend bladers took like 12 episodes but if it wasn't cut it could have only took 6 episodes and the most worst thing was the suspense and lack of content on episodes just showing Diablo Nemesis fighting.This was so boring and to be honest hope Zero-G will be better.Anybody thought first episodes to episode 129 were epic.
Well, I have a ton of very mixed feeling about this season, I need to split this up in different parts...

The Animation

Welp. That was ODD. Most of the season they seemed to do really well, good shading, much more image depth than in the previous seasons... and then the last episode happened. I... seriously have no idea what kind of final that was supposed to be, looking like a paint-done fan parody. I know I'm exaggerating a bit, but uh...

The Plot

Hmh... Well. Not... so... good? The sudden fantasy turn was not executed to well, the final lacked creativity and orginality. It was average.

The Side Plots

ALL MY LOVE. Daidouji reappearing and his death, the entire Ryuuga thing... Alright, they got me here with some amazingness I had never expected. They gave me scenes that left me breathless and ripped my heart out...
In that aspect, I am amazed and in love with the season.

New Characters

Not bad, not good. They made some believable and nice guys, they made an awesome one with Johannes and had me falling for Rago... But I feel like the character developement in this season was pretty lacking in all cases. Cygnus and the others never even get any sort of introspection and in this aspect there are a lot of loose ends. MFB has always been very good with character developement and this season is a set-back to it.

All In All

It was a good to medium season. They had me disappointed with things I took for granted and gave me unexpected amazingess and drama in return. I did enjoy 4D a lot, even though in between I got a tad bored.
The season is not a masterpiece, but it was decent.
There were a lot of things they never finalised either.

*When Johannes and his "minions" failed to dismantle the helicopter, they just jumped away and were never seen again.
*What exactly happened while Kenta and Ryuga were travelling together? Other than walking, their training battles must've been interesting.
*If Nemesis required all Ten Star Fragments, how come only three were used to ressurect the Prototype, and L-Drago was literally all that was needed to create Diablo?
*The Minor characters, like Sarah, Motti and Ryuto, how come they spent time introducing them and making them liked, but then never featuring them again until the finale?
*A few minor others
(Apr. 03, 2012  2:13 PM)Manaphy12342 Wrote: [ -> ]There were a lot of things they never finalised either.
*If Nemesis required all Ten Star Fragments, how come only three were used to ressurect the Prototype, and L-Drago was literally all that was needed to create Diablo?
The battles with the legend bladers when they fighted each other,Pluto rigged the stadiums that the fragment of the star was transfered to prototype nemesis.When all of them finished fighting it was only Ryuga whos bey still had the fragment of the star so he tried to absord Nemesis power but the opposite hapenned.Then it evolve to Diablo Nemesis
That's the theory, but episode descriptions hinted towards attack power just being taken. Hmm...
Then the person who said that is awfully wrong how can it absorb attack power and prototype Nemesis cant absorb power it is not like Ldrago.ONLY LDRAGO CAN ABSORB OTHER BEYS POWER.Prototype Nemesis just absorbed the fragment of the star from ldrago Destroy because it was the only bey left with it.
Also, Mercury Anubius is not even a 4D Beyblade. 4D failed ever since the beginning ... When they introduced "season Bladers", it was just too far-fetched ...
They most likely added Mercury Anubis because they couldn't find anything else, were too lazy to make up anything else, the name "Mercury", or they couldn't think of anything else.

I love reviewing animes, I have a lot of reviews on MyAnimeList so I'm gonna do my review for 4D in the same style.

I really didn't understand the story at all in the beginning of 4D. They really just threw the whole "Legend Bladers" thing out there expecting the viewers to understand it immediately. Honestly, I still don't understand what being a Legend Blader is or why is it so important (Especially when in the end, the characters themselves said EVERYONE was a Legend Blader). Then the whole "Season Bladers" thing just ruined it for me because in the flashbacks of olden days, there were no Seasonal Bladers, so really it's an idea/destiny that comes out of no where. I like how they used side-tournaments to introduce important characters (Aguma, Chris, and King). I don't think anyone else noticed but in all 3 of those tournaments, the new "Legend Blader" introduced was the one who won the tournament (Aguma beat Ginga, Chris beat Masamune, King beat Masamune). Finally, the whole Nemesis Saga was interesting but really the worst part of the season because the episodes being cut made it last longer than needed, it really just dragged on, adding pointless filler episodes (Pretty much everything after the Diablo Nemesis episode) which /I highly disliked. All in all, the story gets 2/5

Eh, not gonna go in too much on the Art, really just the same as other seasons. I love the character designs for Chris, King, and Kyoya. But really, I don't know what the drawers were smoking when they were drawing the art for the final episode, that was just disgusting. All in all, 4/5

The characters were my favorite part about 4D. The introduction of a new rival for Masamune was one of the best ideas for the series. The constant bickering between the 2 throughout the entire season reminded me of MFBE. Character Development was lacking however, mainly because of the episode cutting and the Nemesis saga. Johannes was a funny character at the beginning and the fact that he was funny but also really strong made him one of my favorites........until the Nemesis saga where everything got too serious for comfort and he ended up dying out before the season ended. The Nemesis Bladers were also a bad introduction to the series because they just weren't important, Nemesis was strong enough and didn't need 3 lackies who were only in the season for like 2 episodes (Seriously Tired) and didn't change anything besides the length of the series. Also, they never explained how they got there in the first place, Keyser, Cycnus, and Hershey (or Hercshel, I really don't know) weren't in any of the flashbacks, they just appeared out of no where. Same with Doji, I admit, I was happy that he made such a good return but they never explained how he survived the attack from L'Drago and how he found the Nemesis Bladers, plus, he didn't even battle! I'm fully aware Dark Wolf was destroyed/eaten by L'Drago but he didn't fight at all, not even with those generic Light Wheel beys. Overall, the Characters/Development get a 3/5.

4D wasn't my favorite season and definately not one of my favorite animes, I'm not gonna drag on any further and give Metal Fight Beyblade 4D a 3/5 in total.

Average anime is average
Oh started so promising, but failed badly towards the ending. Like already mentioned a few times, the cut of the episodes in half, was a bad move, it lost content and made the whole 'Nemesis-Fight' look endless. It was for me like the most boring battle I ever saw. Too much unnecessary Drama.

And so many characters thrown in, for no reason.

I liking is 50/50, the beginning was quite good, the end is just a 'do not want' .

(Apr. 03, 2012  2:13 PM)Manaphy12342 Wrote: [ -> ]*What exactly happened while Kenta and Ryuga were travelling together? Other than walking, their training battles must've been interesting.
I was thinking that too. Would've liked to know what was going on between them or more like, what they talked about, if they did.
They probably did vigorous training because Kenta did learna new special move "Diving Claw" and ended up blowing up a boat in the process. I can imagine he learned it from Dragon Emperor Strong Supreme Soaring since they both ended up with the opposing beyblade being smashed into the ground by the user.
(Apr. 03, 2012  3:23 PM)Kai-V Wrote: [ -> ]Also, Mercury Anubius is not even a 4D Beyblade. 4D failed ever since the beginning ... When they introduced "season Bladers", it was just too far-fetched ...

The worst part is that Anubius had existed during the Explosion season too, it was kinda like a rehash xD

The Solar System Bladers are another thing that they messed up on. The Bladers of the Four Seasons were all that were needed for Nemesis, the "Planet Bladers" seemed like a waste of space :L
All characters had a huge sweet chunk bit out of them after the Dunamis episodes. I feel like that's when the story took an unnerving roller coaster change. The lack of new Anubis or Bull was woefully disappointing. :I

Don;t know if I watched the last episode correctly.... But wasn't Pegasus supposed to "Poof! Just like that"?
In my opinion the thing that ruined the season was that they somehow rushed in all legend bladers in order to get fast into nemesis, and when they got up to it, with so many episodes left to fill, the quality of the show and its content decreased with lack of ideas into what to make but an everlasting unnecessary battle.
Also with the cut of the episode time I think they thought each episode would need a complete plot, but in 10 minutes that is hard to do.
I do liked how the villians ended in this season, being darker than the past ones. I mean, people really died, or at least that's implied, nothing seen before in beyblade except V-force.
Starting of anime i thought it would be good they ruined by getting ryuga defeated in the animie then all my interest in the anime went there should be ryuga with out ryuga the anime look pretty boring(my opinon) to me at the end it was same as i thought of every power of star fragment will go to ginka the same thing happened

Anubis first looks cool and perform well but after hearing it has no 4d system all of my hopes went of the anubis

I hope Zero-G would be interesting ........................
Was alright I guess. Maybe i'm getting old enough that it doesn't really interest me any more. Also I thought the characters weren't that great in MFB generally. The only thing I was happy to see in this season was that Ryuga finally lost again after 2 seasons which i've been looking forward too for ages since even the best has to fail sometimes.
It was quite good and in the begining I herd that the new enemy was a bey called Nemasis.
I thought that L-Drago and Namsis will become a team. Only thought
Another thing that bothered me; what relevance did Zeus actually have in the season? Asides from his failed barrier?
I thought 4D was just another repetition of Beyblade: Scorching Hot Invaders movie... except for lotsa new beys, new system, and new characters :<
I think this one disturbing detail stands out.

Just like Sora having a Pegasus Beyblade with the same Pegasus 1 clear wheel, I found Sarah- a completely out of the blue child- owning a version of Pheonix/Fireblaze with a identically colored clear wheel to that of Burn Pheonix 130MS.

There should have been a real backstory behind that.

Another bizarre emptiness is Benkei's departure as a completely secondary no-mattering entity. Nobody could have given him a special outcome.
Reminds me a lot of metal fusion. All side characters get into the whole mess then build it up just for ginga to beat the main villain by himself.
(Apr. 08, 2012  2:58 AM)PhantomKid Wrote: [ -> ]Reminds me a lot of metal fusion. All side characters get into the whole mess then build it up just for ginga to beat the main villain by himself.

I swear I heard "can only be defeated by the Bladers of the Four Seasons" at one point. Obviously, the only exception is Gingka, who can apparently defy everything, including prophecies, food contained in mouth and the relativity of Spacetime.
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