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Full Version: Favorite stadium
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Interesting stuff, glad to hear Attackers are in the limelight again. Was always the most fun way to play Beyblade, but wasn't reliable enough at the time I was still competing (I think my attack combo was LDrago CH120RF haha).
Man, you stopped competing too early, Lightning L Drago, with a really good launch, had the ability to dominate for a fair stretch of time not that much later, especially with Libra banned. I wish I was competing at that point, haha.

As for now, yeah, Flash is basically an oval with all the weight on the two far ends, it's like two gigantic wrecking balls. It's a pretty recent release but it's growing in popularity pretty fast, there's not too much that can stop it, as long as you launch well.
Zero-g attack
the attack tip make very good deplacement
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