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Full Version: [Mumbai, India] (07/04/11) Changing Gears [MFB+Plastics tournament]
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The time has come for India's first plastic+MFB tournament.
We're now changing gears and switching to plastics as well.

[Image: Untitled-1-1.gif]

So, for the details:

Venue: Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Borivali East
We are supposed to gather at location 'B' in the map.
Here is a zoomed image of Borivali east
[Image: NationalPark.png]

Time: The event will start by 10 a.m. However, since there are two tournaments in one, it may continue up to 3 o'clock. So, try to keep some snacks with you.

Entry fee: The exact entry fee depends on the dollar-rupee conversion on the day of tournament. However, the one time entry fee will be around Rs. 250 and the passport fee will be Rs. 500. I recommend you to purchase passport if you don't have one to avoid complications.

Confirmed attendees:
ashton pinto
Samith blader

yash pinto

Make sure that you have gone through all the rules before attending the event.

If you have any questions regarding the entry fee and passport fee, Read this. All the money collected during the event will be sent to the WBO.

Make sure that all of your beys are legal. If you are not sure about them being legal, you can ask in the Ask a question, get an answer! #2 or Plastics Q&A Thread respectively

Prizes are not yet decided.

Any changes to this list will be made accordingly.
thanks Kai-V for approving the tourney..StupidStupid
Does anyone has an idea that last time stamina took the charge??. Wonder what about this time.
@ N0body put gameboysuperman on the unconfirmed list.
Oh nice a plastic+mfb tourney in india...just waiting for one in hyd..
Are we having plastic's first or MFB?
And are we going to have a break in between?
Actually I cant say anything for sure right now. It all depends on how things turn out. First of all, JSB is unable to come till 2.. then we also need a long time to complete if we get more participants..
And secondly, it will be even more time consuming if Nitro doesn't show up with his BB-10
Otherwise, we can have both the events side by side
alright finally the tourney is approved hooray!!!
ill be using takara tomy beys so i hope that wont be a problem
ill be coming most probably, i have asked my parents to book a ticket before the 7th but ill try my best!
hey do u want me to bring my BB-10 attack stadium as well?
Bring it, it will be better..
we can keep JSB matches pending & once he comes we can battle him.
Thats what I was thinking but will you all be ready to wait till 4 or 5 p.m.? You were ina hurry last time IIRC
I can wait but try to finish it quickly.. It would be a tourney for 6hrs.
Also i have to go for mid-night mass for easter.
hey which type of tourney will it be i mean round robin, double elimination?
Since Janstarblast cant come early, it will mostly be Round robin or Round robin block if we get enough members.
: What time will you have to leave?
hey we have to use 3 beyblades each ryt and all should have different faces
No. Not necessary. You can use the same bey throughout the tourney if you want. They can all have same parts as well. And the only restriction is that you cant change your bey during a battle. After the battle is done, you can change the bey.
I will have to leave at around 4:30pm...
& can you change the time to 9am, because the last time some guys came late, so if write 9am at least then we can start the battle at 10am?
EDIT : is nikils brother comming?
It wont make a lot of difference IMO.. But we'll try to be there by 9:30
Gosh! Now I am really scared...
I wonder why would you all do so much for me...
Extending the tourney for such a LONG time would really get annoying for everyone. Moreover, its summer, sooo...
But well... As its really important for me to come(we have EXACT 8 members), I will certainly come as early as possible. Smile
Missing exams in school is beyond the question, but I ma' certainly attend the tourney as soon school's over. My school is in Santacruz, which is probably quite far from Borivali East (Mumbaikars may know this already)... So it may take some time for me to arrive...

Also, as I ma' have a total of 14 matches(7 MFB, 7 plastics) to play as of now, those would be extremely time consuming too. Not to mention that you all can't continue with the Finals without me, which will be utterly frustrating if I don't even qualify, haha!

Lets actually hope that we have some kind of a half-day during these examinations, so that I can leave by 10-11am, and get to you all around noon. Half-days are very much possible, as this time there have been various changes in the pattern-
Aaand, I love that banner for this tourney(and also the name)! Isn't it a bit unfair that we already have our favorites up on the banner? Tongue_out_wink
Sad that I have been unable to get a Rapid Eagle as of now(it may take a few more days,I guess), so the Dragoon V2 will take sometime to come..
Well, I'll confirm from nik. Its all upto him now.
@ N0body Also tell him to post here & please tell him to get samith online and make him read this thread..
If gameboysuperman & nitroneo get their stadiums there are chances for the tourney completing early..
EDIT: Oh i remember the last time nikil told me that his bro would come, & his trying for his cousin, so i bet you should put him on the unconfirmed list.
Awesome Nobody You have Made History.
No..Herodotus was the one who made it. I made this tourney XD XD
Two events in a week would be awesome indeed.
I might come alll the way from HYD. add me to the unconfirmed list.
gr8...the tourney is up!!welldone SAM(NObody)Smile
As far as time extention...i dont have any problem to wait till 4-5....also i had talk wid samith...he is also not having problem with it....about my brother n brother having exams going on so he wont be coming and my cousin is not interested in tourney so will also not come

Ohh! great job guys a plastic+mfb tournament wish could attend it but anyways all the best to the participants
Sorry guys (especially NObody)
I can't come.
Remove me from the unconformed list.
Hey I think Mumbai has very few bladers.There a 7 days to go and you are still stuck with 8 bladers.
The HYD torney is 15 days away and the limit of bladers is 16. We already have 14 bladers with 3 unconformed.
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