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Full Version: [Hyderabad, India] [15/4/12] The Scorching Hot Summer Showdown! (Limited Spots)
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You guessed it ! Yep, we're back with another tournament in Hyderabad!
And there's no better way to kick of Summer other than a Scorching Hot Beyblade tournament Wink , right ?

Anyway, lets get to the details :

Venue: Sanjeevaiah Park, near Hussain Sagar lake, Hyderabad.

Date and time : 15th April, 2012. Be at the entrance of the park by about 1:15 PM. There will be parts checking and then the tournament should start at around 1:45 PM.

Surface : Grass!

Entry Fee : 250 Rs for one time entry and free for WBO Passport Holders. You can buy a Passport at the tournament for Rs. 500 (It grants you free entry to WBO Sanctioned events for one whole year and monthly Beyblade giveaways).

Hosts : BeyBlast, Relic

Judges : ?Mr.Mystery?, fabregasrox323


Some Important stuff *PLEASE READ* :

☻ First off, before you do anything else, please read the WBO Official Play rules - Click Here. If you don't, you'll be losing out on the tournament day, so don't blame us.

☻ Lunch - You will either have to pack some lunch for yourself or eat before you come. Also, there is a canteen in the park which sells snacks and drinks.

☻ Please post in this thread or Private Message/Call me if you want to attend. I'm elaborating here because there were a couple of unexpected attendees in the last tournament. Also, please give me your Contact Number.

☻ There will be a limit of 16 participants. So if you can come, tell us quick before the spots run out.

☻ Please be committed. If you say you're coming and don't show up, you'll just spoil the fun for the other participants and expose yourself to a possible warning.

☻ If you have any problems, feel free to PM me or contact me through this number : - . My real name is -.

☻ We don't use the money we get from the Entry fees. All the money is sent to the WBO. Please read this for more information : Matter of Money of the World Beyblade Organization. As you can read there, this money is used for the running and maintenance of the site and to buy cool prizes for contests and lotteries.

Confirmed Attendees :

Ldrago destroy1
meteo Ldrago2
shun Ingram 123
anil the lion
Xcore Chaos

Not Yet Confirmed :
lightning 3

Note: If you are in this list, you have to confirm your attendance before the 13th of April. If we're not informed before that, we'll just assume you're not attending.

Lastly, I would like to thank the WBO Committee for approving this event Smile.
I think that's all there is to it. You can always contact me if you have any problems.

May your Blading Spirit burn with passion Grin!

Yet another tourney?! Wow!
And, that was quite quick to get those "at least 8 attendees requirement" fulfilled! It took us over a year to do it in Mumbai for that single tourney, haha!
All the Best for the event!
Well let's hope I make it, hopefully my classes will get over by then. You are not going to win four Tournments in a row Relic ! Eee

Btw, Relic if I'm coming lets pack lunch this time ... I don't think 6 PM would be appropriate for lunch like last time. Lol. XD
Awesome guys!Another tourney!Woohoo.............!!This tourney is going to be an exciting one like all the other tourneys which took place!!!
Great work Relic!! I wish it was a week before.. then I could have attended it as well..
Lets see if Relic wins 4 in a row...
wow Amazing another tourney in hyderabad! Sadly i won't be coming due to my exams.
, Thanks Smile. Well, it's always hard to get those "8 attendees" for the first tournament. Even we took a while to get them for the first event.

, LOL. Hopefully you can show up Eee! Oh and who said I'll win anyway ? There's no telling what's going to happen in Beyblade, you know!

, It was initially planned for 8th. But we had to change due to some reasons...and there's an end to everything, if you know what I mean Tongue_out.
So relic you might come first again who knows you can also come second or third and anyways why limited spots?
-lol yeah i remember last time at subway your lunch and your fight at the store.
I will try to play well atleast this time.
Lets see how AWESOME can it get with with me being the co-host. (anyway is going to be awesome)
Wow im coming! awesome!
Relic in the op it's not ?Mr.Mystery? it's ?Mr.MyStery?
Do banned people can attend this tournament?
(Mar. 24, 2012  5:26 PM)play67 Wrote: [ -> ]Do banned people can attend this tournament?

No, banned members can not.

I'll confirm if I'm coming on Monday.

i'm not both of them because i seen some people in the member list now
they were in white colour so that i thought that they are banned.
bladingspirit5 you all people are so lucky a tournament.hell hya but why i can't attend.
bs,how can i obtain faces?
and bs do you have a youtube account?
Because they are banned..
Why they are banned? Because they did not follow any rules that they agreed to abide with at the time of registration.
But can i ask you why do you care? I do know it.
& guyz good luck for the tourney.
It would be fun if anyone could attend the first plastic tourney also in mumbai.!
EDIT: i mean if it is approved
, Our tourney is not yet approved you know. Smile
Have fun everyone. Oh yes, Once again I'd like to see Relic vs BS5 in finals Tongue_out_wink
-that would only happen if BS5 is confirmed for the tourney
- yes it would only happen if BS5 is confirmed for the tourney and if he comes to the finals along with relic
Well I am most probably coming. I just have to confirm it.
Relic-add me to not yet confirmed list because i think i can come if I'm just confirmed by my parents.
And if i don't come have a nice tourney.
i am comming 4 sure
-if u come it's gonna be fun!
Congratz Relic You made it again.I wish I could Attend,This Time I'll try.
I'm most probably coming. My classes and stuff get over on 12th. All I need to do us get the tickets booked. Smile
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