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Full Version: BB-126 Flash Sagittario 230WD Rough Draft
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Quote:Flash Sagittario 230WD is the last 4D release, as well as the last regular release for Metal Fight Beyblade before the beginning of Beyblade Zero-G. It marks the end of the BB- code product line.

Face: Sagittario II

The Face of this Beyblade depicts Sagittarius, one of the Zodiac signs. In addition to the original mark design, a bright explosion was drawn behind the two eyes of Sagittario, to create a link with the 4D Metal Wheel it is released with, Flash.

4D Clear Wheel: Sagittario II
Weight: 3.3 grams

It is possible to observe many bows and arrows designed into the Sagittario II 4D Clear Wheel, similar to the original Sagittario Clear Wheel which Sagittario II is largely based on. It is neon orange in colour.

4D Metal Wheel: Flash
Weight: 45.6 grams

In coordination with the theme of the Sagittario II 4D Clear Wheel, Flash is an assembly of many bow-and-arrow illustrations. The gimmick used for Flash's mode change is not new at all, despite TAKARA-TOMY's designers having more creative ideas originally.

Metal Frame

Flash's Metal Frame resembles the Flame Metal Wheel a lot. It is rather oval, and half of its sides consist in a large and very thick slope. Its underside is mostly empty however, which takes away most of its potential weight.


This piece looks very similar to its Metal Frame, however there is much less relief in it: while the Metal Frame has slopes, Flash's Core is completely flat. This detail means that its underside is entirely filled though, otherwise it could suffer from breakage issues.

In Stamina Mode, the two bow-and-arrows from the Metal Frame are perpendicular to those of the Core. This mode creates a four-winged shape.

Once the Metal Frame is rotated by 90°, the Attack Mode is achieved, where the two bow-and-arrow designs of the Core are exactly under the Metal Frame's. The resulting shape of the Flash 4D Metal Wheel is one that is exaggerately elongated. However, most of Flash's weight becomes focused on two distinctive sides, which conveys to it a substantial Flywheel Effect, and since both metal parts are one on top of the other, the 4D Metal Wheel becomes much denser.

This mode change is possible because of the existence of some small walls on the underside of the Metal Frame.

Flash was released to be a Stamina Metal Wheel, but testing has proved otherwise. Its full potential has been found in Attack Customizations, providing top-tier results because of its outwards weight and minimal Recoil. The only Recoil that Flash suffers from is opposite to the direction of rotation, but this also insinuates that incredible force is produced with each hit. It is also not an issue because of the minimal outwards Recoil, as Flash does a great job at pushing through opposing Beyblades. Flash works well on a variety of Tracks from 105-145 as long as the main contact points are not obscured by Tracks such as BD145, or other Tracks with poor synergy.

Use In Attack Customization
A very popular Attack combo for Flash is MF-H Flash Escolpio/Pisces/Orion H145/GB145 RF/R2F. Optimum, top tier results can be achieved by choosing the Track that you feel most comfortable with, so that particular combo may not necessarily be the best for you. Another popular yet unique combo, utilizing the Metal Flat Bottom, is MF-H Flash Excolpio/Pisces/Orion AD145MF. It is better for late-battle KO's than the RF version, and even can outspin some rubber Bottoms. Furthermore, Metal Flat assists in creating a movement pattern that allows more hits to be made, increasing chances of a Knock-Out. The MF combo is not necessarily better than the RF combo, but both have their advantages and disadvantages that should be taken into consideration when selecting a combo.

Flash Sagittario 230WD contains very useful parts. Flash is now one of the best Attack Metal Wheels in the Metagame. With previous top tier Attack Beyblades, Recoil was a problem that made Attack Types a lot less reliable. Flash is a great Metal Wheel in this regard, being less prone to self KO's than current top tier Beyblades such as VariAres. 230 silenced a great majority of previously dominant Stamina, Defense and Attack combos upon release, and is great for Phantom Stamina or Defense combos. Flash Sagittario also comes with WD, a top-tier Stamina Bottom. Every Blader should at least own one of this Beyblade.

Need weights. Thoughts? Criticism? This is also my first actual article I wrote, I hope it isn't too bad. Copied the 230 and WD spots. Flash hasn't been really tested in Stamina mode so I couldn't really write much about it.
Quote:4D Metal Wheel: Flash
Flash originally was meant to be released as a Stamina track, but testing has proved otherwise, and has shown Flash's true potential lies in Attack customizations. Paired with Flash's extremely low recoil, Metal Face - Heavy is not required to reduce the recoil when paired with Attack parts, as it has been in past releases of popular Attack wheels such as Variares.

That should have been either 'type' or 'Metal wheel'
Also, the second sentence starting with 'Paired...' seems somewhat wrong.
But again, I am bad in grammar so I might be wrong.
In the combos, R145 variant is not tested a lot IIRC so the H145,GB145, D125 or CH120 variants can be mentioned... or just mention mid-height tracks.
R145 isn't as good as other tracks for obvious reasons. Flash works well on a huge variety of tracks, so we're trying to narrow down the best, but anything from 105-145 height works well as long as it doesn't obscure contact points (BD145) or have poor synergy (R145, though it still works decently).
I don't like the overall section much because of a few things. Here are the things I think are wrong with it:

- The Flash MW should be mentioned first in the overall since it's the most important part of the bey.
-More on Flash wheel. You should say about how the wheel works on a variety of tracks too in the overall.
-Take out the bit about Flash being proven through testing to be one of the best attack metal wheels. It's obvious enough it doesn't need saying.
Definitely not enough information in some places..

I'll fix it up.
Nice article, Dan. Smile
As you said, add information. State the performance of each mode for Flash, and which is better.

In the overall section, omit the part about Flash being good and it was proven through testing. It's slightly redundant because the WBO tests EVERYTHING on Beywiki. Mentioning that it was tested makes it seem like we don't usually test parts haha.

I'm half-asleep right now, so that's all I could catch. I'll help out more later.
Unless Raigeko13's name is actually Dan you're wrong there. Also I already mentioned some of that.
We are seemingly speaking too much about appearance there, instead of performance I guess...
Also, I'd like to know about tests that proved Sagittario to be a well balanced CW... I was desperately waiting for those...

Also, as N0body mentioned, the second sentence seems somewhat wrong...
Replacing "Pairing with...." with "Thanks to...."(or something that means the same) would actually make the sentence more meaningful than its current state. But even after that, the sentence would need to be reworded a bit...
I look forward to Dan's rendition of this article. Smile
Personally, I think it makes more sense to describe the Wheel's appearance and its various modes, before delving into the more detailed analysis of its performance. As a few others have mentioned it still needs a bit of fleshing out in terms of details too, but I'm sure that can be added by others.
Yes, we do need to speak of the appearance, but there should be more info for the performance too.
As there is no real info about the performance, the details of the appearance seem to be "more than required", which they probably aren't. Just get in more info about the performance, and things will look balanced.
That is why I concluded my post saying that I'll be waiting for Dan to redo this a bit. Smile
Unfortunately, Rai is probably away for a few days...
After a quick, glance, the information here looks pretty solid, but there are ALOT of run-on sentences.
Isn't the CW Orange?, not Yellow? Or is it just me ..
It's really a combination of both, I'd say it's more on the Orange side though...
Anyways, apart from the other mistakes pointed out before, I see no more.
(Mar. 23, 2012  1:14 AM)Dan Wrote: [ -> ]Definitely not enough information in some places..

I'll fix it up.

Yes, I couldn't think of much to say in the Core and Frame parts, they definitely need mroe detail, and even in some other places. Can't wait to see how you revamp the article, haha.

(Mar. 23, 2012  8:52 PM)LeonTempestXIII Wrote: [ -> ]After a quick, glance, the information here looks pretty solid, but there are ALOT of run-on sentences.

Show me and I'll believe you.

Edited my article to what everyone has said.
I don't see any run on sentences. Smile

There's a little rearrangements needed to be done, but I'll do that after Dan's edits.
: You already fixed the big sentence I had an issue with in the Flash section at some point. It is much better now.

Nothing else to add, other than what was already said. Good article Rai.
In the bit about the Flash wheel in the overall say that it works on a variety of tracks.
I'll be honest, I'm not sure I'll get to it this week/end so please do start without me!
Don't want to slow down the crippled wiki any more than it already is ..
Ooh wow, Rai! It looks better now! Grin

OK, so I wanted to ask- th!nk told me that Dan told him that Flash (even VariAres) suffers from some kind of wearing issues? Is it worth the mention in the article?
I'm yet to see other members' Flash's 'come down' with this.. Perhaps it is just mine, or I just used to really heavily. (I did.)

Not only this but no one decided to corroborate VariAres being worn other than Uwik..
Get checking!
Mine has some minor wear right now, a bit blunt, however it isn't nearly as bad as how bad Vari gets.
You should mention in the overall that the main reason to get this is the flash wheel which isn't that clear since you spend nearly the whole paragraph talking about 230 for some reason.
I really just copied and pasted it from the Flame Byxis 230WD article, but I'll get to that.
I know I must sound insane by this point but I really really don't agree with the recoil of attack wheel thing. It's never been a big problem as long as MF and MF-H have been around. I mean we don't just not use VariAres because it has recoil...
I don't use my variares because it has too much recoil, actually.

If a wheel has too much recoil, it will self-ko after every hit.
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