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Full Version: [S] Plastics and HMS.
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I obviously won't have a lot of stock, considering I like to keep stuff, for the most part..
PM me offers.

A-115 Bakutenryuujio, NIB (Click to View)

Ito-Yokado Dark Blue Wolborg 2, mint (Click to View)

Dragoon MF RBA3 Prize, mint (Click to View)
I'll be shipping from Canada, and can probably ship everywhere.

Thanks guys!
ill buy A-115 Bakutenryuujio, NIB but for how much
(Mar. 20, 2012  11:21 PM)Dan Wrote: [ -> ]PM me offers.

Yeah.. You signed up very recently, I'd be hesitant..

PM me an offer, nevertheless.
YAH a New seller i never seen before and has a Dragoon Mf PM SENT!!!!!!!!!

You should probably reply, Cosmic..