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15 Left! Combined shipping welcome!
Will have used plastic beyblades available soon!
I would rather sell them here than ebay, i trust people on here more than ebay.
Thanks for looking.
Pm sent
hey cani get beyblade launcher withlongripcord i willgive you gun kauncher with capacity of 2 beys.
andi cantrade you for rockleone of yours i cangive you 3 darkmetals and leone and stormmetal.
Sorry, im not really interested in trading right now. Monetary payment only via paypal please. Just PM me with your Location and Offer and i will reply asap.
Thank you and Updated with more for sale.
can you sell you rock leone for 3 us dollars with free shipping?
Conduct all business in Private Message.
Updated, More for sale.
Bump, Almost any offer will be considered unless its just plain unreasonable. These are barely used and i would like to send them to a good home for the right price. I am focusing on finishing my plastics collection and the money received will go to more plastic beyblades.
Updated Paypal preferred but willing to trade multiple MFBs for a single plastic beyblade if its one im looking for.
If you want to trade, please take a look at my Buying thread.

Thank you!
Bump! Will consider almost any offer. The money will going to my fund to buy plastics!
Bump for Updated OP and Now Selling plastics i don't need.
Dranzer GT has been sold.
Make an offer!

Bump! Updated, now with a spoiler instead of direct links. 1 single photo instead of several. A few more items added to the list from my personal collection.
Please buy them all! Funds will be used towards YJA purchases which means more will be available in the future!
Bump, Will combine shipping if you buy more than 1 ebay lot!
My Dranzer GT arrived today! Very happy with it. Hope to buy from you again. Smile
Thank you for letting me know!!! I'll be stocked on beys pretty soon too. I recounted and I'll have almost 70 for sale after my shipment comes in!
Bump! Not selling on ebay anymore.
Also, i put prices on everything but any offer close enough i'll most likely take. I really want to get EMS for my YJA stuff.
Black Dranzer has been sold!
Bump. Updated with items on hold for people.
Gaia Dragoon V, Driger V2(1 of them) and Driger S has been sold. If it's listed it's for sale!
Will HOLD items for a max of 1 week if you are waiting to get paid.
BUMP for an added 10% discount on more than 3 Beys at the listed price.
Dranzer F (2), Dranzer S, Galzzly and the Duotron launcher have been Sold! 10% discount will not last long, i just want to get these sold to make room for 50+ Beys that will be on the way once i have enough for shipping costs.
Hello there and I want to say Esperr ships fast and the packaging is very well done, great buy from you Esperr. Here's what I bought from Esperr: 2 Dranzer F, 1 Dranzer S, 1 Galzzly, 1 Duotron launcher, 2 EZ right spin launchers, and 3 one hole ripcords. Great buy at a good price, thanks again Esperr. Smile
Thank you starlight. I'm glad you liked them.
10% discount still good till June 2nd btw.
Also, more items on hold for people.
Starlight25 Wrote:Hello there and I want to say Esperr ships fast and the packaging is very well done, great buy from you Esperr.

Exactly Smile
I got Driger V2, Gaia Dragoon, Driger S and Dranzer/Wolborg AR today. They are in great condition!
Thanks for the long ripcords, too Stupid

Great seller, of course I'll recommend him, thanks a lot!

Greez Smile
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