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Full Version: [Buying] MFB MINT Attack Stadium
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I'm looking for a mint Attack Stadium for a good price
price: to agree

Do not post links from other sites like eBay because I may only buy from the WBO

And my exams start tomorrow!!!!
so keep in mind that I can not pay you until my exams are ended. So that would be 2 weeks

And I live In Belgium(Europe) so can you pls include the shipping cost so I know the total price, thanks
Shameful self bump....
Why not buy the BB-32 Set? The price has drastically dropped from about $55 to about $45.

You get 2 useless beys, (Except RF), and you get 2 string launchers, as well as the stadium and accessories.
well, That's still too expensive
I added the price range to the OP
Mint stadium? At that price, no-one will sell that. That is waaaay to cheap.
the price is negotiable now