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Full Version: tournement in hawkinge,folkestone, kent,england
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im thinking of hosting a tournement i havent got many staidiums if you could bring one it would be great (if it is held)
so if you are intreasted plz reply
people interested
LOL! (Didnt know what to post :L, not that is was posting for the hell of it) im in if my parents will let me :L (you new that already... lol) im also willing to help out.
ok great
i hope more people sign up... ask sparkey blader too...
yeah ,i need at least 5 people to enter
i thought it was eight... Tongue_out and any way sparkey blader has to say so on this thread doesnt he?
yeah it is 8
thought so! Grin
A good idea is to use the map to find people in your area, you can them pm them about the fact that you want to host a tournament and then direct them to this thread, that is a great way to get people to join
Yeah but my map atleast, is messed up... Grin
in what way
apparently, there's no-one in england, anyway, would you be able to come apple1075?
No, I live in Bolton, that's near Manchester in the North of England, doubt I could come, that's wierd maybe you could tell a moderator about it or maybe you just need to wait for it to load
yeah, it is.
Yes, apparently the map function is not working properly after they updated it but seems fine for me you don't seem to have much of a reply from other bladers so maybe try raising interest of beyblade within the community of little kids in your are and when they get sucked in host a tourney???
Hmm.... That just sounds a little bit ridiculous