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Full Version: future beyblade names
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Eternal Wide Ball does not exist. You should look at Beywiki more often. Wink
I will but do u like the idea?
Yeah, it is cool, but how would MS145 affect the bey's overall performance?
Hmmm maybe one mode would put the MS to the bottom making it more stable and another would be on the top "boosting" it and maybe the final would be.... I don't know what else du have an idea?
It's your by idea, not mine. I do not have time to think about a piece that doesn't exist. Wink
Yeah that makes sense.... I got a idea the last mode would allow the changeable part to spin and the momentum would help it! And if my ideas don't make an improvement on 145 blame my school district ;D
I personally like the idea, and could I just say that, although EWD is already a performance tip, there, for example, is already the zero-g bey: Shinobi Salamander SW145SD. And SW145SD is a combo that are used together or seperatly, on countless occasions. so my point is that they are already re-using parts in zero-g , so EWD would be fine. Grin
I think a skeleton metal would be good.With a bone shaped design.
thanks Luck im happy that u like it! But i want 2 change da name 2 Assassin Nocturnal
OK. But can I just quickly remind everyone:
I'm NOT making a list ! ! ! the names will NOT be recorded ! ! !
How about Astro Anphibio
That sounds awesome, I thought of Paladin Nemian. Do you think mine's cool?
Yeah, Paladin Neman is quite nice. Though for me, Neman could be a subject to change.

I have got a few of mine coming from the actively running brain of mine.

Fury Shiva (Insert other parts here.) Directly coming from the Hindu God, Shiva. The destroyer.
Choleric Kishin. Kishin means "Fierce God" while Choleric is an adjective meaning Easily moved to anger. Coincidence, no?
Magisterial Metatron, based from the high archangel Metatron in Judeo-Christianity.
Winters Jotun, Jotun's a Frost Giant in Norse Mythology. Oh and, Ice beyblade FTW!
Good ideas but, Lucis, if he removed Neman from the name then it wouldn't be his idea anymore.
Some of these ideas are Beys based off of random animals that do not have anything to do with mythology. Just saying.

Desert Ra AD145 XHF/D (Extreme Hole Flat/Defense): Ra=A god worshipped by Ancient Egypt, along with Anubis.

Stone Griffon MBD145 (metal boost disk) RWD (rubber wide defense)

Dawn Zebron D90 (defense) WRF (wide rubber flat): Zebron=Zebra. Multiple spikes on the wheel. I guess it would work like that one AR from plastics? (Don't know the name)

Blast Equor M145 EQB (eternal quake ball): Equor=Equine, the scientific name for the species that things such as horses and zebras fall under. Equor's beast is a horse.

Gem Hunter BS165 (bearing survivor) MD (metal defense): Hunter is supposed to a mole. To be honest, the name only makes sense in context with the MW name, like a mole that hunts for gems. There are plastic bits embedded in the MW.

Sonic Pegasus IV W2A125 (wide wing attacker) XF: The fourth and final Pegasus. Sonic is a MW that looks like a thicker and heavier version of the Hell MW, with the 3 wings inverted.

Leaf Orangu FS180 (force spiker) D: Orangu=Orangutan. Leaf is a pretty darn detailed wheel, with textured leaf designs all over it. Force spiker has plastic spikes protruding from the track.
Cyber Drasoress
Crab Commando, thanks for your help/input.
To correct the errors in your post though:
Although sometimes beys are based on random things/animals, at the moment we have come to the conclusion/agreement that we are going to assume that they are sticking to warrior based bey ideas, for now atleast.
Moving on, Anubis and Ra are not the only two egyptian gods. And if you were notting Ra's link to Anubis because Anubis is already a bey (Mercury Anubis) then you should probably re-phrase that sentance, because you say 'along with Anubis' which incinuates that they are the only two egyptian gods. Plus I seem to remember (Correct me if I'm wrong) that herculeo or/and heruseus are egyptian mythology-god based. I think that I assumed that one of them was based on Horus... I may be wrong though ! ! !

The last one that I noticed was the name 'Stone Griffon' . This is pointless in a fairly major sense because Griffon is already a zero-g beyblade ! ! ! ! or atleast will be. And the reason it is basicly completly pointless is because the 'bit beasts' (IDK what they're called now!?) are the main point of the bey. But Stone would be quite a good idea. It would work.

Just helping ! ! ! ! Grin No offense intended ! ! Smile
: Yeah, for the part with Ra, I sorta intended to say something along the lines of "Anubis not being the only Egyptian god."
Hercules was only involved in Greek/Roman mythology, I believe. Not sure about Horuseus.

These were my vision of Metal Fight Beyblades if they were to continue onward, but now I realized that Zero-G is mainly what is specified here. Derp 6_9

I know we are getting Griff in Zero-G, but there are still similar "Bit-Beasts/Spirits" in Zero-G when compared to MFB (I'm looking at you, Dark Knight Dragoon...).

Anyway, here are some ideas for Zero-G Bey names that I remember mentioning back in another thread, which I'll quote:
Crab Wrote:As LeonTempest said before, mythical beasts/warriors are the theme for Zero-G, so things like Unicorns, Pegasi, Centaurs and Dragons will likely return. We already know we are getting a phoenix again. They could probably bring back Bull as a Minotaur as well.
Now, remember that Bakuten Shoot Beyblade wasn't canon to MFB. Zero G is. So, the possibility of it happening is quite high. Here are a few of my ideas.
Guardian Pegasus W2S145 (Wide Wing Smash 145) CXF (Circle Extreme Flat)
Assassin Unicornus H145 SF (Stern/Star Flat)
Commander Minotaur BDv2145 (Boost Disk Version 2, merges with the Samurai Crystal Wheel) DS
Thief Centaur A150 (Arrow 150) D
Shaman Dragor S130 WB
Fair enough.
Oh yeah, btw, the reason I was unsure about Herculeo was because the facebolt doesn't look like Hercules. :L
I agree, it really doesn't. I guess Takara-Tomy wanted to make a detailed motif?
There is clearly a face in there, with a lion on his head, and these lines are also continued into insect legs, because there is such a thing as a Heracles Beetle, which is very popular in Japan.

I think it is just a matter of culture.
Oh! Well that explains it XD thanks !
NOTE: An easy way to see what it looks like is under Kai-v's face's Grin (I just realised he has two Herucles faces :L)
Freeze Emperor: A penguin bey.
And a Metal Wheel called "Doom" because who doesn't love a bit of "DOOM!" now and then?
Haha, I like it. But again-- just thinking back to many previous posts, IT's not warrior related ! (Sorry , don't mean to sound harsh!)
Yes, ok, it's not in keeping with the latest conventions.
"Emperor" would be fitting as the warrior part though.
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