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Full Version: future beyblade names
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Magician sphinx bd 230 erdf

Eternal rubber defense flat
I want something to be called Ultimate Hydra, or Meta Hydron. (:

I really like anything with like "Hydro, Hydra" etc.
I like 'Meta' and Hydro/Hydra Smile
Lol! Longest tip name ever!! XD
(Feb. 28, 2012  2:18 AM)Kai-V Wrote: [ -> ]
(Feb. 28, 2012  1:58 AM)mayaman2 Wrote: [ -> ]Immortals were warriors, look them up. Also Bigfoot is mythical, and it's parts do describe it!

Immortals cannot exist though ... Samurai, Shinobi, Pirates : they all existed.

technically they did exist, immortal simply being a namesake
true true... I was gonna come up with some examples but...
Oh! No! Wait...
Rameses? I think it might have been the I or II but he became an egyptian god in egyptian mythology. And diynosious (Spelt wrong) Greek god of Wine. In greek mythology he became a god because he created wine. BUT diynosious and Rameses were both real people.
Baikingu Purometeusu/Viking Prometheus sounds cool to me, but they probably wouldn't make Viking, as they already have Pirates..
Make a bey called ocean viper t125es with stamina type stadiam.
savage basilisk would be a really cool beyblade
I'm liking the ideas XD
As Pirates and vikings are not actually considered the same thing, there should be no problem.
Pacific Mermaidian. It would be awesome.
Pacific pirates.
Indian Mermaidian. Smile
Pacific pirates doesn't really work but the rest are good...
(Feb. 25, 2012  6:30 PM)Luck Wrote: [ -> ]i checked, there's no other thread exactly like this that i could find.
post below what you think would be good future MFB beyblade names! Grin
ive noticed people posting pointless things, so ive decided to follow Kai-V's advice: Post potential Zero-G bey names that follow the [warrior type] [monster type].
if you post stupid names like 'Jesus'(sorry about that: it was a joke!) i hope that the moderator's delete the post, thanks!

"stupid names like 'Jesus'" !? i'm a Christian so that makes me a little, you know. but seing as how I could have easly taken that the rong way. yes, that is not a good name for a bey.
Sorry. I'll edit it to stupid BEYBLADE names like 'Jesus'.
there should be a flash uranus
(Aug. 15, 2012  7:45 PM)Bazooka Wrote: [ -> ]there should be a flash uranus

You can build it already ...
I made up a new one: Paladin Chimera W125 RCF.
I wouldn't mind "Shaman" or "Hunter" as names as Crystal Wheels.
I know these names suck but:
Shizoku Hyperion WA130ACF (Accelerate Circle Flat coated with a rubber ring between the flat and the circle)
Nero Valkyrie ESW145 (Eternal Switch) MCS (Metal "Change" Sharp)
Megaladon Lochness 145WD (Carp but who cares)
Conquerer Chenoo QB150 (Quad Ball) DMB (Defense Metal Ball)
Shapeshifter Encantado MD160 (Metal Disk) WD (My Fan-Made Bey BTW)
Mermaid Siren (Although not particularly a Mermaid oh who cares) 160SB (Lazy, who cares)
-------(Havn't thought about it) Ghoul SB165 (Stealth Blade 165) CRF (Circle Rubber Flat)
I have more but I can't make posts too long

EDIT: Maybe just a FEW more wont hurt but I will make this post short as possible
Preditor Ennedi HD165 (Hook Defense) WS (WOOD Sharp), Bacterium Fungus 160B, Assailing Callisto QA230 (Quad Attacker) NWD (Narrow Wide Defense), ok I have more but this post is already too long.
Mine are:
Minotaur Xiezhi HS2145(Heavy Switch Sheild)JB (this is my fave)
Amphumia Libelle 90CWF (Left Spin)
Sifi(free spin two blades) Masumai 125SF
-------(update soon)Raijo D230(Defense)MWD(Metal Wide Defense)
Shadow warwolf
Pirates Kappa TR145SWD
Samurai Oni W230SA
Rebel Kitsune TH200RTS
Mirage Assailant MH145 (Middle Height 145,160,170) SF
Justice Crusader 145BWD (Blade Wide Defense)
Necro Sage 160D
Inundated Serpens V130 (Vortex 130) CF
assasin angel

ninja shiva

for people who dont know shiva
ifraid is based on ifrift the god of fire shiva is that gods oppisite ice
Chocked_2 alot has gone on while i've been on holiday it seems...

Haha, reading the long, LONG list of different possible names, i think that we can be assured: If they stop making beyblades, it's not cuz they run out of names for them Tired
Could I use a few of your beyblade names for my story? Here are mine: PaladinNemianB125RCF, AssassinWing130R3F, and Soldier Yeti.
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