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Full Version: Will the theme change when Zero-G is out?
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Well it seems like that the theme of WBO changes every era.From what i think the blueish color comes from pegasis so will the whole thing change and will be based on Samurai Ifraid?
Who knows.
Did this really deserve a new thread????
in my opinion... yes, yes it does
Why dos it need a new thread he could have posted this in ask a question get an answer
(Feb. 25, 2012  1:24 PM)apple1075 Wrote: [ -> ]Why dos it need a new thread he could have posted this in ask a question get an answer

Obviously not, because the "Ask a question, get an answer!" topic is only for questions on the Beyblade toys and you should know that by now.
yeah, but it would be cool if the background did change, and also if the was a pattern or picture in the places where, at the moment, it's plain
There are things we will not do because it would become a really unprofessional look ...
fair enough, but for example, it would be nice if the grey bit that never changes around the edges, changed colour Grin
Like what ... ? It is supposed to imitate brushed metal. A background is supposed to be a background, and it should not distract from the main content of the site.
yeah, but if it change colour, matbe not greatly, but if it did, it could do it every generation, or maybe even every month or so.
If you are concentrating so much on the background, then there is a problem with our main content ...
im not. its just this thread if for the theme changing when the zero g series comes out.
I do not know if you noticed, but I really like TAKARA-TOMY's style for Zero-G, and it is much simpler than anything they have done for Metal Fight Beyblade up until now, so the chances of the background being more complicated or more colourful are just very slim if we were to follow the theme of Zero-G so much ...
im not saying more colourful or complicated... just a change.
Then you do not like the current gray, and you want more colour, so yes, you want it to be more colourful ...
im not saying i dont like it! im saying abit of variation could be good for the site (Im talking about background variation, not subject).
With a little bit of Googling around you can find ways to override the default background of a webpage through settings or plugins on your browser. That should do the trick for you.
yeah, but the whole point is to change it for more then one person (it's just a suggestion)
I have to agree with Kai-V on this Luck. The background isn't suppose to distract you from the site itself, it is just a background after all. Plus I happen to like the background, it helps to keep my attention on the actual content, rather than glancing at it because of something distracting. If you want a different background you can take Arupaeo's advice and use a plug-in.

Hm, a new theme for Zero G that would be awesome, it would be interesting to see what you guys come up with for it, if it does happen.
Luck, many of us like the brushed metal appearance, and it fits the theme. If you don't like it, change it for yourself, but otherwise, stop wasting staff time with such pointless, trivial things.
As someone who spends hours a day here, I would really rather not see that backdrop ever be anything other than what it is.

Because then I would have to notice it.
When the banner was changed from Storm Pegasis to Big Bang Pegasis and the small icon from Pegasis to Big Bang Pegasis I squirmed a bit.
If there is change in the future.. I'd prefer it not happen for a while.
w8 Galaxy pegasis was skipped !?
Yes, we are very conservative.
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