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Full Version: BB-117 Strongest Blader Set Draft
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Quote:Table of Contents
1. Contents of Strongest Blader Set
2. Gallery
3. Overall

Blitz Unicorno 100RSF
MF-H Basalt Horogium 130RS (Yellow)
MF-F Nightmare Rex UW145EWD (Red)
Metal Face Custom Ver. Tool (Clear Bright Orange)

The Tracks and Bottoms in this set are clear versions

Note: The Sonokong release of the Strongest Blader Set also includes a Bey Deck Case.


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The Strongest Blader Set contains top tier parts for every type of Beyblade. Nightmare Rex's Bottom EWD is a top tier Stamina part. Basalt and RS are good Defense parts. The set also comes with a Metal Face Custom Version, which is useful for both Attack and Defense customizations. The main draw of the contents though is Blitz Unicorno, which is currently exclusive to this set. Blitz and 100 are top tier Attack parts, Unicorno II is a useful Clear Wheel, and RSF is a viable Defense Bottom.

This set is an all-around useful purchase for any competitive Blader, and it is still readily available. It provides a good base to build from for Bladers getting started with competitive battling, but is still useful for those with more complete collections.

I'm really not sure what to call the color of that tool and the Metal Face.
Clear light red would be a good color to call it.
It's not clear light red. It's a Translucent Orange, or "Clear Orange", seeing as we use clear instead of translucent for whatever reason...
"Clear" is the official term used by TAKARA-TOMY.
Ahhh, I had forgotten. A reason for nonsense is better than nothing, haha.
Thanks for the confirmations!

For the time being I'll just put it as Clear Bright Orange to differentiate it from the BB-85 Metal Face Custom Version, unless there's a reason not to.
Mmm, it's rather fluorescent orange... I wonder if there's an official name on the box somewhere. I'll check in a minute....
Made a few slight modifications to the structure/wording of the first paragraph, but the content was great. This is ready to be posted.

If someone has time, please take pictures of the back/sides of the box.

Good job Byser!