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Full Version: Endurance Blade, possible Zombie Killer?
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AR: Tiger Defense
WD: Wide Defense
SG: HMC left
SP: Defense Ring
BB: Customize Metal Sharp

Concept: Endurence

Parts: Any

I didn't get too much post coverage on BBF concerning this blade, so I decided to post it here. It can defeat an untuned zombie (Tiger Defense/10 Wide/Double Bearing/Customize Grip Flat.), both blades are in the same spin direction. It also holds its own and defeats a typical Upper combo (Dragoon Upper/10 Wide/NEO Right/Storm Grip) most of the time. Given, this blade would have perhaps a better effect if I used a bearing base, but I am going off the assumtion that this Customize Metal Sharp could act much in the way of Metal Sharp Core as far as endurence capabilities.
(Tiger Defense/10 Wide/Double Bearing/Customize Grip Flat.)

Needs Wide Survivor or the test is irrelevant.
The SS has to be in the opposite direction as well or else it won't work.
I could change spin direction, but the Wide Survivor test might have to wait for a while. I has no monies, hence why I has no Wide Survivor.
G Wrote:The SS has to be in the opposite direction as well or else it won't work.

Didn't even notice this. The test is COMPLETELY useless now.
I think this bey is easy prey for zombies.