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Full Version: Used beys
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Im looking for someone who has a used SolBlaze or jade Jupiter don't care how used it is
dude, don't make a thread pointlessly just to ask a question
I have a jade Jupiter in my friends home in hong kong. so, earliest that I can get it is December becoZ I will visits my friend in hong kong. I have other MFB beys just not sol blaze pls pm if u want them. I can hold them for you.
Luck, it is good he made this post as I want to give my precious beys to a rightful owner who will actually battle them. As I never have a stadium. Hence he might not know how to make a thread in the buying section, so forgive him.
(Feb. 10, 2012  5:22 PM)Luck Wrote: [ -> ]dude, don't make a thread pointlessly just to ask a question

It's called "buying interest". Check your attitude at the door.

Moving this to the appropriate section.
yh sorry was just a bit angry at my bro, won't happen again!! Confused
Yea ok
Hazel, thanks for helping Corey move the thread, he is still learning how to post. I am really glad u helped him and that you have been always a amazon moderator. can't thanks you enough. Smile
(Mar. 14, 2012  9:23 PM)jons smith Wrote: [ -> ]ghghghghgfh

??? Spam Much?

I have a Sol Blaze but shows wearing on the metal wheel. Paint chips. Pm me offer if you are interested. Thanks!
so bored