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Full Version: Thermal Lacerta WA130 HF for trade
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Thermal Lacerta WA130 HF for trade

A used (not too bad) Thermal Lacerta for trade

comes with ripcord launcher and tool

Ill trade for a beyblade that's not

Earth Eagle
Dark Libra
Burn Fireblaze
Poison Scorpio
Flame Byxis
Poison Serpent
Galaxy Pegasis
Meteo L-drago
Poison Pegasis
Fury Capricorn
Thunder Leone
Earth Virgo
Ray Striker
Thermal Pisces
Cyber Pegasis
Gravity Perseus
4d Fusion Hades

Post In The Comments What You're Willing To Trade

I will respond ASAP

This doesn't belong here it goes to selling & Trading !
What hafix06 said.
You also need a photo of what you're trading with your username in the photo on a piece of paper or something to prove that you're an actual person.
It's the rules, learn to live by em! ;D
I love how everyone here has mastered the use of the report function.

I have relocated this thread despite no one having the presence of mind to indicate a problem.

Now, RewsterInCamo, you must post pictures of what you are trading, or you will not be allowed to do business here. The image must be a picture of your item with a piece of paper containing your username in the same photo.
How bout' a custom Counter Striker SW145SF? (It's one off my WORST combo's.)