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Full Version: BBG-13 Beyblade Synchrom Battle Set
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Set to be released on June 23rd, 2012, for approximately 2100 yen.

For all information and pictures of Pirates Killerken A230JSB, check out its Beywiki article!

[Image: bbg13pirateskillerken.jpg]

[Image: bbg13samuraiifraid.jpg]

[Image: bbg13zeroglightlauncher.jpg]

(Jun. 15, 2012  3:41 AM)Kai-V Wrote: [ -> ]Ahahahah. I knew it, but I thought it was too beautiful to be true : apparently "kiraaken" is really getting translated to "Killerken" hahahah. I so knew it the second I saw that they used "ki" instead of "ku".

So, here are apparently the only contents of this set :
Pirates Killerken A230JSB
Samurai Ifraid W145CF
Zero-G Light Launcher (orange)

We definitely got screwed by TAKARA-TOMY in the last few months though ... This set was supposed to have the new Metal Stone Faces Custom Ver., as well as a third Beyblade.

Killerken :
[Image: chromewheel_killerken.jpg]

Armor 230 :
[Image: track_a230_img.jpg]

Job Sharp Ball :
[Image: bottom_jsb_img.jpg]

(May. 13, 2012  4:18 AM)Kai-V Wrote: [ -> ]
(Mar. 21, 2012  4:30 PM)Kai-V Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks to Toywiz for the render :
[Image: beybladesynchrombattles.jpg]

This is apparently the vague content of this set, which is weird considering the above picture :

New 4D Bey (Attack Type)
Rare Prototype/Pre-remodeling Bey (Balance Type) (Limited colour)
Pre-remodeling Bey (Defense Type) (Limited colour)
Metal (Stone) face Custom Ver. (Limited colour)
New Holder Tool (Limited colour)

So, unless Samurai Ifraid was somehow a Defense type in its "pre-remodeling" state, I have no idea what is up with this. However, that is the official item description.

(Jun. 12, 2012  10:40 PM)Kai-V Wrote: [ -> ]It is confirmed that the Beyblade in this set is Pirates Kiraken A230JSB. "Kiraken" is of course subject to different spellings, however it is not just 'kraken'.
"Battle set"
Sorry, but I like to specutlate-

Probably going to include the thin chrome boosters, launchers, grip, ETC.

Like a DX set.
Thanks to Toywiz for the render :
[Image: beybladesynchrombattles.jpg]

So this set apparently does not have any stadium ... ? And it only comes with something like 145B ? Still, I suppose that that is a new Beyblade beside Samurai Ifraid ?
by the looks of this i can safely say its gonna have a 145JB as for the bey itself i cannot say...
Woohoo! That seems to be interesting!
Thanks for the update Kai V!
I can't wait to know more about that new bey.

The name suits very well, though. Agreed that it would have been PERFECT with a Stadium...
But well-
This set would probably set an example of both- Synchrom, and previous MFB gens and Zero G compatibility.
So, nice move from Takara Tomy, that. Smile
Thanks for the info Kai V. Im glad Zero G is compatible with MFB.
Even if it is compatible is it legal?, i dont think so
Lol why would it be illegal. The threads on the stone face and track are identical. Plus, CF was designed the way it is because of the stadium.
Nice set. I'm curious about the mystery Beyblade. I also hope that a wider variety of tracks and bottoms will be competitive.
-V: Isnt that Pirates Oroja?
(Mar. 21, 2012  9:25 PM)LeonTempestXIII Wrote: [ -> ]-V: Isnt that Pirates Oroja?

No, look at the Pirates Oroja.
Nice but the Zero g beys look pretty over finished :p
Seems to wavy to be Pirate Oroja..

EDIT: Beaten again D: By two minutes?!
And it is way to symetrical-looking to be Gaurdian is odd how we haven't seen or heard of this bey up until is also odd how we have a picture of it, with included parts, and yet no name...Most of the current Zero-G announced releases like Ifraid and Salamander have been given a tentative name, a sample pic, a confirmed name, another set of sample pics, and then the final product with all of the parts.

Well, there was a "Salamander Ifrit", this could be an equivalent to that at least. If not just roughly.
It seems as if this other bey is the equivelent to a "begginers bey" if you will. Not much detail, simple parts, basic, easy to use, nothing unique. It may not even have a name or BBG code for all we know. Other toylines, such as the original B-Damon, had something like that.
It could very well be a Hydra, which'd be very similar to Orochi. Since Orochi is a snake equivalent to a Hydra. Though I won't drop any more names into this post. Just to say, that'd be another contemporary name.

How am I the only one to notice that the other wheel there is almost a perfect circle...
Everybody else is to busy speculating about what the other beyblade could be XD
But, as you said, it is almost a perfects circle Chocked_2 Depending on this wheel's weight and what those wave-like features will be like on the side, that wheel could be the perfect stamina and defense wheel..
Another reason to believe that this would just be a "begginers bey". There isnt anything interesting about it, juts an ordinary, circular, bey.

Definatly wondering what this will end up truely being anyway
Metagame domination begins and ends with circles.
I got Ninja'd by Hazel.

Lime green track and tip? Ew. Would have sufficed with clear powder blue.
The circle is quite possibly the best shape that a beyblade could get..
Leon, takara have never made circular parts out to be anything other than powerful. Definitely not "beginners beyblades"...

Heck, they originally allowed the use of home-made parts in early plastics competition until they noticed everyone just kept using circles.

: As much as I'd be wary of mentioning rumors, the details do look exactly like tentacles to me.
Libra was the first supercircular wheel.
This is the first circular wheel.

.....metadomination time
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