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Full Version: Beyblading... IN NEWFOUNDLAND?
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EDIT: It's suppose to say "Phantom Orion B: D" And "Blitz Unicorno BB100RSF

Okay so let's get this as straight as a Beyblade winder/ripcord.
Pleasseee! I'm a Newfoundland blader, but, there's like, NO ONE else on the internet that is a blader from Newfoundland!
See, I find this very irritating because I'm the loner in this, and in the Hasbro Canadian tournament, I came 26th! Out of like, 1000 people! REALLY! Soo, If you live or live near Newfoundland say something PLEASE!

...And oh heck, let's just throw in a Poll as well! Smile

Look in the WBO General forum, more specifically in the North America sub-forum, to see if there is not already a topic for Newfoundland, and if there really is none, then you can create a new one there.