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Full Version: BBPegasus and Hyper27's face avatars
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But then all you're doing is pasting a face onto a background and adding text...

Most people could do that in Microsoft Word if necessary.
Well if most people don't want to do that they can just ask us to make one for them
Wow, it's really this easy to have a Graphics shop? I should open my own...
Hey anyone want some face avatars I'm free and open so if anyone wants one post or PM me
Can I have one with eartheagle face in a red shadowing background please

Can't wait to get one
I'll make it as soon as possible
i agree with ga hooleone
Its pretty easy to do that just putting a face onto a background?
Where is your gfx spirit?
What hapend to the sfxs and c4ds etc?
Like I said to Ga'Halleone if people don't want to do it they don't have to
Hey EE1997 I'll make yours and like a day or two got to do stuff is that ok with you?
I also agree with Ga'Hooleone, couldn't you at least take away the clearly visible hexagon around the face?
Ok I will take them off
Don't save things as JPEG's, btw. Use PNG, otherwise things look horrible and compressed.
Thank you for the tip I will now use PNG not JPEG

Thank You
Hey anybody want one and EE1997 I've sent yours through PM.