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Full Version: Dranzer S Rewrite Draft
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Right, there were some errors in here and a lot of important stuff was overlooked, so I’ve gone and redone it. It’s probably not my best rewrite ever, but the parts of this beyblade are quite unique so it is difficult to explain them in simpler terms. It should be pretty good though, hopefully I’m just being excessively self-critical.

Hopefully Dan doesn't mind me doing this, he kinda wanted it but he's a bit busy with Exams right now, and I've been using these parts a load the last couple of days, plus it required a lot of work. (plzdunhatemeDan)

| image = Dranzer-s.jpg
| full item name = Dranzer Spiral
| item number = A-2
| beyblade system = [[5-Layer]]
| beyblade type = [[Balance]]


==Attack Ring (AR): Double Wing==
*Weight: 4 grams

Double Wing takes the form of two Phoenix heads, followed by two wings, designed for [[Smash Attack]] in left spin. Due to the relatively small range it has, along with some recoil issues and the fact there are better options such as [[Dragoon G]]’s Eight Spiker and [[Dragoon GT]]’s G Upper, Double Wing is only considered a Second-Tier choice for [[Smash Attack]] in left spin.

===Use in [[Smash Attack]] Customisation===
While not a primary choice, Double Wing can still be used effectively in [[Smash Attack]] combinations, an example of which follows:

* '''AR:''' Double Wing ([[Dranzer S]])
* '''WD:''' [[Wide Defense]]
* '''SG:''' [[Spin_Gear#V_and_V2_Series_Spin_Gears|Neo Left SG (HMC)]]
* '''BB:''' SG Metal Flat 2 ([[Gaia Dragoon V]])

[[Wide Defense]] gives Double Wing the best chance of making contact out of all Weight Disks suitable for [[Smash Attack]]. An HMC is used to control recoil and increase controllability, which becomes important with the comparatively limited range of Double Wing. SG Metal Flat 2 gives high speed and decent stamina, increasing the number of hits Double Wing makes on the opponent throughout the battle.

==Weight Disk (WD): 8 Balance==
See [[Balance Weight Disks| Eight Balance]]

==Spin Gear (SG): Right SG (Free Shaft Version)==
*Weight: 6 grams

SG (Free Shaft Version) holds a shaft with a sharp metal tip supported by a single bearing. The shaft itself is not particularly useful, having poor balance and being incredibly easy to KO.
However, the casings are an extremely useful part, not only being able to fit a number of different shafts, but also being the shortest casings able to do so (excluding [[Zeus]]’s Customize Gear (Free Shaft Ver.) which is only compatible with G and GT series bases). It is compatible with [[Driger F]]’s Full Auto Clutch Shaft, the widest metal tip ever produced, which has excellent speed and good stamina, as well as being free spinning in the casings, allowing for a small element of spin stealing. Another shaft that is commonly used with SG (Free Shaft Ver.) is that of [[[Wolborg 2]]’s SG (Bearing Ver. 2). While it does not spin completely freely, this is generally irrelevant, as in this setup, it is generally used with a base which fixes the tip in place, for attack use.
[[Wolborg 1]]’s SG (Bearing Ver.) shaft also fits into the casings, however, as it does not spin freely, there is no competitive use for such a setup.

===Use in [[Smash Attack]] Customization==
The relatively low height of Dranzer S’s casings mean that combinations using them are at a good height for attack.
Though it is usually used as a defense part, the shallow angles of Wolborg 2’s SG (Bearing Ver. 2) shaft are very usable for attack, especially when worn. Burning Kerberous’ Customize Bearing Base fixes the tip in place, allowing the combinations momentum to carry itself around the arena, instead of being absorbed by the free-spinning nature resulting from its bearings. This creates a very aggressive attack combination at a suitable height for [[Smash Attack]]. An example of such a combination is as follows:

* '''AR:''' Cross Griffon ([[Griffolyon]])
* '''WD:''' [[Wide Defense]]
* '''SG:''' [[Spin_Gear#A_to_F_Series_Spin_Gears|Right SG (Free Shaft Ver.)]]
* '''SG Shaft''': SG (Bearing Ver. 2) Shaft ([[Wolborg 2]])
* '''SP:''' Fin Tectors ([[Draciel V2]])
* '''BB:''' Customize Bearing Base ([[Burning Kerberous]])

=== Use [[Upper Attack]]/[[Spin Stealing]] Customisation ===
Another notable combination which makes use of the low height, decent stamina, and bearing support of this particular setup is a rather unorthodox Upper Attack/Spin Stealing combo, which, despite being in the opposite spin direction to most opponents, still exhibits powerful [[Upper Attack]] against them (arguably more powerful than it does against same-spin opponents), focusing less on creating large amounts of lift and more on using smaller amounts of lift more efficiently, to score easier KOs.
It also boasts decent ability to steal spin due to a free-spinning shaft, relatively circular shape, and good weight distribution. This, along with the destabilising properties of its upper attack, allows it to succeed where many other attack combinations would fail. As such, combined with a good launch, it is an incredibly dangerous and versatile combination.
The combination is as follows:

* '''AR:''' Triangle Wing ([[Dranzer GT]]) or Upper Dragoon ([[Master Dragoon]]/[[Kid Dragoon]])
* '''WD:''' [[Wide Defense]]
* '''SG:''' [[Spin_Gear#A_to_F_Series_Spin_Gears|Right SG (Free Shaft Ver.)]] ([[Dranzer S]])
* '''SG Shaft:''' Full Auto Clutch Shaft ([[Driger F]])
* '''BB:''' Defense Grip Base 2 ([[Wolborg 2]])

==Blade Base (BB): Spiral Change Base==
*Weight: 7 grams

This blade base can hold SG (Free Shaft Version), Normal SGs, Neo SGs (other than the Double Bearing Core), as well as Wyborg’s SG (Auto Change Version).
When used with SG (Free Shaft Version), the bottom of the base can be pushed in and turned before battle to have either a sharp metal tip (endurance mode) or plastic flat tip (Attack Mode).

The main draw of '''Spiral Change Base''' is its arguably unparalleled life-after-death ability, and when used in attack mode, it is one of few bases capable of outspinning even the best [[Zombie]] Customizations.

However, it is not without its downsides, Endurance Mode is easily KO’d by even the lightest of hits, and Attack Mode is extremely difficult to control outside of the [[Tornado Attack]] Stadium, regularly self KO-ing in the MFB Attack Stadium (BB-10). As such, [[Weak Launch|Weak Launching]] must be used in the latter stadium and other stadia with insufficient tornado ridges.

Further more, while Attack mode is noticeably more difficult to KO than Endurance mode, it is still extremely poor defensively, and while the base is compatible with the Heavy Metal Core, the low grip of the tip means the only noticeable difference is significantly decreased stamina, so this is not recommended.

However, if used intelligently, this base is one of the most reliable methods for defeating any [[Zombie]] Combination.

===Use in [[Life After Death]] Customization===

*'''AR:''' War Lion ([[Galeon]])
*'''WD:''' Wide Survivor/[[Wide Defense]]
*'''SG:''' [[Spin_Gear#A_to_F_Series_Spin_Gears|Right SG]] (Free Shaft Version)
*'''BB:''' Spiral Change Base (Attack Mode)

This customization uses Spiral Change Base's unmatched [[Life After Death]] ability, along with excellent spin stealing ability, to effectively outspin or tie with opposite spin opponents, most notably [[Zombie|Zombies]], being able to outlast even the most potent combinations of that category.

As mentioned above, one must be wary of the limitations of the tip, and launch appropriately. However, as long as one is aware of this, it is not a serious concern.

One should also be wary of KOs from more aggressive [[Wolborg 2|SG (Bearing Ver. 2)]] tipped zombies, though again, weak launching can help with this.

Lastly, it is recommended to use the opposite spin direction to your opponent, allowing the spin equalising abilities of this combination to force battles to be decided on Life After Death. As the most common function is defeating the predominantly left spin [[Zombie]] customizations, a Right SG is generally recommended. However, this combination can be used as a Zombie itself, in which case, as most opponents are Right Spin, a Left SG would generally be preferred.

Due to its excellent reliability against [[Zombie]] types, this combination is extremely useful at tournaments, especially those with more experienced competitors.

==Alternate Versions==
* '''Dranzer S''' - Black Clear Ver. (Possibly the Lawson Black Skeleton Ver.)
* '''Dranzer S''' - Black Skeleton Ver. (Lawson "Black Crystal Pack")
* '''Dranzer S''' - Blue Plated ("Mekki") Ver. - CoroCoro Exclusive
* '''Dranzer S''' - Blue Clear Ver. (TCG Promo).
* '''Dranzer S''' - Gold Plated Ver. (Random Booster 3 Prize)
* '''Dranzer S''' - H-91 Crystal Ver. (Clear, w/ Red Plated 8-Wide)
* '''Dranzer S''' - Red Plated ("Mekki") Ver. - Grade 1 Tournament Prize
* '''Dranzer S''' - [[Phantom Force]] Version (Transparent Red)
* '''Dranzer S'''- [[SonoKong Gold Series]] (Gold Plated, Red Painted 8-Balance Weight Disk, not fully compatible with normal beyblades).
* '''Dranzer S''' - Suzaku Colour Ver. (Red) (Beybooster S)
* '''Dranzer S''' - Tournament Prize Versions (Metallic Gold, Silver and Bronze)

ImageGrinranzer S 1.jpg|Front view
ImageGrinranzer S 2.jpg|Dranzer S pieces
Image: Dranzer S 3.jpg|Side view
ImageGrinranzer S 4.jpg|Bottom view
ImageGrinranzer S 42.jpg|Bottom Sharp tip
ImageGrinranzer S 43.jpg|Bottom Flat tip

==Dranzer S Clear Version==
ImageGrinSCF2483.JPG|Dranzer S
ImageGrinSCF2482.JPG|Dranzer S 3/4 vew
ImageGrinSCF2481.JPG|Dranzer S parts
ImageGrinSCF2490.JPG|Spiral Change Base ([[Attack]] Mode)
ImageGrinSCF2489.JPG|Spiral Change Base ([[Survival]] Mode)

==Phantom Force Dranzer S==
ImageTongue_outFDranzerS1.jpg|Front view
ImageTongue_outFDranzerS2.jpg|Side view
ImageTongue_outFDranzerS2.jpg|Bottom view

Dranzer S is another early beyblade in which almost every part was well designed and still finds excellent use today. The Attack Ring, though outclassed, is still useful for Smash Attack, and the SG Casings have uses in a number of powerful combinations. Furthermore, the blade base has arguably the best [[Life After Death]] of any base in the plastics generation, and as such is renowned for having the incredibly rare ability to beat Zombies at their own game. Without a doubt, '''every serious plastics blader should own multiple copies of this beyblade.'''

[[CategoryTongue_outlastic Beyblade]]

Yeah, that combo again, with the opposite spin upper attack that should not be. Explanation of how and why it is upper attack is here:

Put down your pitchfork and torch (extinguish it first, don’t want to start a fire now Wink), read it, understand it, try the combination for yourself, and if you still have concerns about it, then raise it over in that thread, and I will attempt to address your concerns. Any necessary changes will be made to both sections. It truly is an absolutely incredible combination though, and I am very much convinced it is actually Upper Attack, and given the fact it’s probably the best customisation with Dranzer S’s casings, it definitely warrants inclusion.

Included relevant information about use of SCB in BB-10, particularly weak launching, which can be hugely important here. Both Wide Defense and Wide Survivor are included, as both can outspin every zombie on the planet, and the extra weight of Wide Defense can be useful (and it adds some ability to KO pure stamina zombies, without any significant impact on the combinations own defences).

So yeah, should be a significant improvement, and cover everything in a more suitable level of detail.
Um I know it's not really important but I didn't see the other versions bit. There's at least 5 of them. I'll do it if you want since there are a few not well known ones.
Yeah, only just threw what I know of on. I'd be very glad if you would do it Smile
For the clear version the item number is H-91 which should be added on. Also there is a clear blue and a clear black version too. I know that the clear blue version comes bundled with some of the japanese beyblade cards but i've got no idea about the other.
Thanks very much, I will add those in tomorrow, I'm pretty sure I've seen them around before, on here or y!ja myself. Again, much appreciated.
I have a clear blue one with the package (but no cards, haha) which I could probably take pictures of for ya!
That would be totally fantastic Dan!

Edit: Added the stuff Ultrablader posted Smile
There are these versions :

Blue Clear Ver., which was part of a campaign and the card game I think.
Plane Clear Ver., apparently a Hong Kong limited edition with a red metallic Eight Wide Weight Disk.
Suzaku Colour Ver., from the BeyBooster S.
Red "Mekki" (plating) Ver., for winning a Grade 1 tournament. More metallic red than Suzaku Colour Ver.
Blue "Mekki" Ver., a CoroCoro present like Divine Chimera at first.
Black Skeleton Ver. Apparently there was a "Black Crystal Pack" made available only at the Lawson shop(s), in a similar way to the whole Sol Blaze campaign by Lawson and TAKARA-TOMY last year.
And there were apparently Gold, Silver and Bronze versions for tournament prizes.

There also seems to be a Black Clear Version ...
Is there any possibility that you can get pics for those? I've never heard let alone seen 5/7 of those.
(Jan. 26, 2012  3:36 PM)Kai-V Wrote: [ -> ]There are these versions :

Blue Clear Ver., which was part of a campaign and the card game I think.
Plane Clear Ver., apparently a Hong Kong limited edition with a red metallic Eight Wide Weight Disk.
Suzaku Colour Ver., from the BeyBooster S.
Red "Mekki" (plating) Ver., for winning a Grade 1 tournament. More metallic red than Suzaku Colour Ver.
Blue "Mekki" Ver., a CoroCoro present like Divine Chimera at first.
Black Skeleton Ver. Apparently there was a "Black Crystal Pack" made available only at the Lawson shop(s), in a similar way to the whole Sol Blaze campaign by Lawson and TAKARA-TOMY last year.
And there were apparently Gold, Silver and Bronze versions for tournament prizes.

There also seems to be a Black Clear Version ...
Te bolded are confirmed, because i own them.
I've also seen Gold,Silver and Bronze, so i confirm what Kai-V's saying!
Never seen the other!
Yeah, The HK one is supposed to be "Limited Clear Ver.", and it is H-91. Each of the S blades got a release, Dragoon and Dranzer got a blue 8 heavy and red 8 wide respectively, whilst Draciel got a Green Wide Defense and Driger a Black Heavy Attack.

Thanks so much for your help, Kai-V, it is hugely appreciated! I've added those in, I hope I've done a decent job of it Smile

As for the Clear Black Version, perhaps it is the Lawson Black Skeleton Ver.?

I think I've seen a blue plated one on Y!JA once anyway, though it could just be my imagination.
Black Skeleton Ver. could indeed be the Black Clear Ver. since the former is clear as well, but its packaging is not from a set, it seems. Still, I cannot really find much information on that "Black Crystal Pack" anyway ...
Hm, odd. I will add a note to the black clear ver to state that they may be one and the same.
Th!nk Wrote:It is compatible with are Driger F’s Full Auto Clutch Shaft, the widest metal tip ever produced

Take out the "are".

Th!nk Wrote:to score easier KO’s.
Th!nk Wrote:also be wary of KO’s from more aggressive

Yo, I read much of it over (enjoy the BB section. That is probably one of my favorite combinations.) and I think you should probably mention the wearing required for that combo. Otherwise it is like using a high quality surround sound system on mute.
The Bearing Ver 2 one? It doesn't require significant wear to hit hard, I mean, the more worn, the longer you get an attack, but it's still pretty good if you bank correctly and launch like a madman. I mean, the one I used when trying it is still in decent shape, and I managed to get it to move as fast as, say, something like Customize Grip Base and Grip Base, it just doesn't hold up the attack as long. That said, it also has marginally better stamina than the others.
Exactly how much wear are we talking, here? Plastics is still subject to the rule about parts being disqualified if worn or damaged in a way that affects performance noticably.
As I said, mine are still relatively fresh, and still work well. It's a very, very old attack setup. It's generally best when the rubber is more rounded than pointed, but can be done in any state.

I have my eyes on the rules when I do these rewrites, don't you worry Tongue_out
Alright. Just making sure.
I have my eyes firmly on the rules when I do these rewrites and test things, don't you worry Smile