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Full Version: [sell]Apollon G - Final Beyblade!
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Sticker quality isn't great, but a great quality rare item.

PM me your offers, please offer in GREAT BRITISH POUNDS (£££) ONLY!!
How much for dragoon gt
(Jan. 15, 2012  5:45 PM)ljadams9 Wrote: [ -> ]PM me for offers.
Please read the op next time.


Golden Driger MS (tournament first prize):
Updated items:
Gold Driger MS
Dragoon MF (x2)
Death Gargoyle (purple)
Dranzer MS (pink)
HMS grip

HMS lunchers
Plastic grip
Plastic launcher
Dranzer V
Dragoon Storm
Flash Leopard 2
Draciel F
Spare parts
Gaia Dragoon
Phantom Fox (blue, partial)
Listed Gold Driger MS to eBay - currently at low price!
nice collection, PM you soon.
(Jan. 20, 2012  9:20 PM)lovely Wrote: [ -> ]nice collection, PM you soon.

I look forward to it.
$2947392203988292489293949485845589299428743482938944 for all your beyblades?
That pearl cyber dragoon looks fricking amazing!
Slash Riger
HMS Combo
Phantom Fox recolours

I feel bad for you, given the price I won these at. But, look, you've got me into HMS.
I'm happy with the prices Smile
Oh, cool, glad to hear that Smile

Man, made my day, after all these years a phantom fox and "THAT BIG CLAW THING AHMAHGAH SO COOL".

Give me the combined shipping quote or whatever it is and I'll pay right away. Smile
Unfortunately I don't do combined shipping my friend, however after I have been to the post office, I will refund you an amount Smile
No problem mate. Payment has been sent Smile
Pleasure doing business Smile
Updated main
Isn't this my beyblade .. LOOOL

Is it yours? Because I'm pretty sure I currently own it. Wink
Did you polish it or something dude? It looks a lot nicer and shinier than the last time it was being sold!
Yar gave her a little clean!
Haha, EDIT: WASN'T* lool, and what did you polish? The AR? and, what did you use?
Just a bit of Mr. Muscle and a fibrecloth! Smile
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