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Full Version: Light Wheels = Metal Wheels
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OK, Takara Tomy, i have an idea. Take Mad, for example. Take the mold, and fill it with metal while elongating the part that is supposed to attack. It creates more recoil, is heavier, and is actually useful. (no offense) The point? Take your light wheels, modify the faults, a improved light wheel turned metal! yes, i am aware of parts like Storm and Rock. but this way, light wheels will be used more! and to keep them "Light", use lighter metals like a Tin/Copper alloy.
No offense but thats something to complain to the company about. Not on the boards. Nothing we can do about it. Reported.

This really doesnt need a thread

Oh i see. just thinking out loud.
I don't think Tomy reads this forum. If you want to bring it to their attention, you should write a letter to them in Japanese. What my friend has done is paint Storm, Rock, and Dark white to make them look like Light Wheels.