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Full Version: [Indianapolis, Indiana, USA] Gen Con 2009, 2010 Indy?
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Possibilities for Beyblade tournaments? Not one knows. I for sure would not be able to go this year (much less orginize) but maybe after I'm out of high school in 2010 it could be an option. I dont pretend to know where I will be at that point in time though.

If any moderators think its a good idea, I think the event could get a lot of attention if Beyblade comes to america within the next year or so (unlikely). Just an idea.

Just curious; who would come to an event in Indianapolis if there was a beyblade tournament in 2010 or even 2009?
Me, as you know.....
Wish I could host it this year, but I doubt I'd have the cash, unless I get lucky/brave and finally get myself a job.
Gen Con is the perfect place, I'm surprised no one has thought of it yet.
Do it. I'll attend next year if you do, not this year.
Awesome. ANd I'll try to come to the tournament in Kansas this year, but it's about a 25% chance I will be able to.
:o Awesome. Can't wait to try this. Next year sounds like it will be a good time to try.
Since the timing of the release of Beyblade in the U.S. is fall of 2010 then the timing for doing a tournament in 2010 would be almost perfect! If the WBO were to have a table, I bet money could be made selling beyblades or taking donations!
August is still summer, though....... We can still hope, I guess.
Oh for me it is Fall I guess. WHen Band season starts it sumemr imediatly ends. Well the summer heat doesnt, oh well.
Nevermind, I think I got confused, still, though, that's rather early Fall. If we are lucky, it'll all work out. I hope it does Grin
so their's a tournament in 2010 huh?? ima enter
and wat r the requirements and rules
No, it's a possibility, though. Most likely I can't afford to travel, though. If you live near Fort Wayne, we may meetup soon for a tournament.
BTW, we generally play by WBO rules.
hey do we get to keep bey pointers and the big launchers
(Sep. 29, 2010  9:50 PM)babababa Wrote: [ -> ]hey do we get to keep bey pointers and the big launchers
Do you live in Indianapolis ? What does that have to do with the topic ?
i wold go to a tournament if it was in davenport rock island or moline
i could have a tounament after christmas! and i might get some more beyblades to
i mean i could have one in indiana after christmas
would anyone come?
i would want to go to a tournament after christmas a indiana!
i live in arkansas hopefully one will be near there.
cant ANYONE have one in indiana? thats the topic here right?
hey it wont cost money if you just had it at your house or somewere were you wouldnt need to pay right? well i gess that would be a lil crouded tho! but still you could have it in your front and back yard!
why dont ya do that?