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Full Version: Bey Tournaments Ireland
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Hello, Irish Bladers!

As many Bladers have been asking me, if there were any tournaments where they lived. And I have replied to all, with: I'm not sure. This thread is for finding out who has an Attack Stadium in your area. Spam is not allowed here. Here is a list of what is not allowed here:

  1. Asking where to buy Beys.
  2. Welcoming people, or telling everyone you will be gone etc. If you are leaving, PM me and I'll put a "gone" beside your username.
  3. Please don't post things such as: Can you hold a tournament in my area? Please? or Can anyone give me a Meteo L Drago etc.
  4. Please don't post incomplete forms. If you want to say you have an Attack Stadium, use the form below.
  5. This is not the thread to organise tournaments. This thread is to find out who has an Attack Stadium in your area, not to organise a tournament. You use PMs for that.

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Thank you,
Name: Nathan Carey
Age: 12
No. of Attack Stadiums: 1
Where you got them: set the big bang pegasus dx set ( black one )
I will be there.
Name: Hugo Blair
Age: Will be 12 on 23rd March. (Before the tournament)
No. Of Attack Stadiums: 0 (But I do have a super control stadium)
Where I Obtained It: Legend Blade DX Set
i might be able to go to the waterford tournement
Have you down already, thank you! One more and I'll propose it!
Name: StadiumOut!!
Age: 14
No. of Attack Stadiums: 0, those things are hella expensive, i need to catch up with the meta first.
Where you got them: N/A
Picture: N/A
Is this thread still alive
is there any irish bladers here
If thier is anyone in Ireland left here, we could make 2013 a great year for beyblade in Ireland. don't know if Ireland even has anyone left. I have a an attack stadium I got from a galexy pegasus set. Oh and I don't think Cygnus even likes beyblade now. Any one in Ireland if you are still thier PM me and i'll put you down for amaybe in a tournament in Ireland. I'll be hear all year so let's try and make it a great year for beyblade in Ireland.
Sorry for double post but I need four more people for a tournament me and Johnthegrey have been discussing it.
1. BlueLynx
People I've asked but have not responded:

Anyways I think one of my friends are sighning up so they might be confirmed.
You might either want to; change Pokemon Trainer to your current user, add your user, OR change your user to Pokemon trainer. XP
(I.E, Pokemon trainer isn't your user anymore... XD)
Anyone intrested in a mini tournament pm me but we need people with dishes i aint got any
but if i have no choice i will get some
hey im an Irish blader put me there

Name: Nauris
Age: 14
No. of stadiums : 1
Where i got it : Super Vortex Set Wink
Are there any Bladers left here? Ireland hasn't had one official tournament yet, that needs to change.

Man, nobody likes Beyblade in Ireland anymore Unhappy
Haven't posted for over 2 years, so yeah, this is my "Hi I'm not dead" post.
Hey,Is there still any bladers left in Ireland? I know this thread is a couple of months old but is there any other bladers in Ireland that would be willing to do a beyblade tournament?
(Nov. 09, 2014  11:51 AM)Scorpio0273 Wrote: [ -> ]Hey,Is there still any bladers left in Ireland? I know this thread is a couple of months old but is there any other bladers in Ireland that would be willing to do a beyblade tournament?

Well I'm in Ireland but you need 8 people to have a tournament.
Any Irish bladers still out there? This forum is two years old and I just found out about it now. If anyone wants to start a tournament in Tralee just PM me. 0_o
I'm still here but I haven't used my Beyblade stuff in a while. And there don't appear to be any other Irish bladders left.
(If, due to time since the last post in this topic, posting here is not allowed, i apologise.) Hi, seeing as Hasbro's Beyblade Burst was just launched in Ireland, in the North anyway, I was wondering if anybody would be interested in holding a tournament at some point in July or August?