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Full Version: what is your favourate special attack
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my fav's are
tyson: hyper victory tornado, galuxy turbo twister and evolution storm
kai: volcano excellent imission
ray: gatwling claw, vulcan power claw, tiger claw, thunder slash
max: heavy viper wall , gravity control, aqua shield
daichi: vast/vurst cutter, great cutter, spike saw and sand hurricane
ozuma cross fire
zeo: chain storm, tala nova rog and gordo twin spire
Pegasis Shooting Star Attack
Lion Wall
and of course ... WATERFALL XD Tongue_out_wink
Lol you just named like half the special attacks in beyblade. Mine was by far the tiger claw attack. My 2nd favourite was that ultimate gatling claw. That looked mad. But for how good it looked it was'nt that good.
Nova Rouge
mines are evoloution storm ultimate storm blazing gig inferno tempest spiral fireball thunder slash hurricane vurst attack vurst cutter twin torndo attack galaxy storm galaxy turbo twister gatling claw maximum shooting star attack tornado wing storm breaker lion walll sagitterio flame star( i saw the 7 episode naming kenta;s cool attack)
(May. 17, 2009  4:10 AM)BladeBee Wrote: [ -> ]Nova Rouge

This is the only one I remember really caring for.
yeah my fave was always nova rouge, followed by blazing gigs inferno, gravity control, gatling claw, bear axe, and im sorry i can't remember the name of it but i also liked galeons attack.
White Lightening, Shredder.
I don't watch old series that much, but I believe its rogue or you are talking about rouge cosmetics XD

Flame Claw ftw.
Infinity Wave.
Dark Lightning. Cute
Nova Rouge by far
Evolution Storm. King of Darkness was kinda cool to.
oh and for kai the one where he acted like a ninja and started dancing lol
(May. 18, 2009  3:12 AM)ginga Wrote: [ -> ]oh and for kai the one where he acted like a ninja and started dancing lol

who was kai battling against when he does this?
Thunder slash
Shooting star attack attack
Tornado wing
Galaxy storm
Galaxy turbo twister
Heavy viper wall
Aqua shield
Spike saw
Evolution storm
Gatling claw
Novae rog
Full force attack
Favorite usually means one.... not 12 :\
King of Darkness (Zeus)
Darkness Howling Breaker (Dark Wolf)
he uses the move against tyson, garland and broklyn the first time he doesnt put his scarf around his mouth but the rest off the time he does and he look like a ninja
Actually Infinity Wave sucked. My mega fav is Vulcan Power Claw. That attack is sick!
-King of Darkness and Novae Rog n.n, I think a couple of the most powerfull attacks
novae rog
blazing gigs tempest
maximum gatling claw
Novae Rog
Radiant Thunder
Gatling Claw
Galaxy Turbo Twister
Spiral Fireball
Galaxy Turbo Twister
Cat Bites
Thunder Slash
Flame Sabre
Viper Wall
There's a feeling of epicness surrounding Pegasis Shooting Star Attack, Every time Ginga uses it, his voice goes double-like and awesome.

If you're not talking about Metal Fight Beyblade, though, I absolutely loved Brooklyn's King Of Darkness.
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