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Full Version: BeyBlade Role Play: The Big Bang Skies (IRC chat)
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Just go to this link,

Change the channel the channel name to this thread's name( -the IRC chat)

Put in your character name in

Log on and post your application

Name: Loganight
Bey(s): Thermal Virgo, Gravity Destroyer.
Type: Balance
Bio: Loganight is very outspoken, and at times even obnoxious. He believes deeply in the connection between Beys and their Bladers, and undergoes harsh, extreme training along side them.
It's on an IRC chat, so it should be ok, right?
Stop creating a thread like the one that is closed.
But it's for something off the site so its not against the rules and it should be ok! Idon't know, sorry if I did something wrong.
Well, dont do it again.