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Full Version: [DFW-Texas] NSBB: Nova Strike Battle Bladers! Recruiting!
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Hello, everyone!

My name is Ryu13, and I live in the DFW area.

I am starting a team to try and appear a bit more official, and possibly be able to meet up and even battle each other, or other teams in the area.

The name of the team is: Nova Strike Battle Bladers, or NSBB for short.

I rely mostly on the votes and the opinions of the team members, so you guys can help organize events, battles, etc.

I welcome everyone!

Team Members
Galaxy Jay
You have an existing team thread, do you not? Why not simply use that one?
I do? That one was deleted. I deleted it, because it was messed up.
You do not have the ability to delete threads. The thread still exists.
Oh. Then I'll ask Kai-V to close it then. Sorry about that.
Don't worry about it, I had it closed. In the future, though, do not make new threads when you have existing ones for the same purpose.
Yes, I'm really sorry, Hazel. I'm trying not to post as often so as to not break rules, or break the rules.
Depends when and where you live Ill probally join!
ryu13 doe you heff email i like toe ask you same qwestions
(Nov. 21, 2011  7:10 PM)ikke-killer1996 Wrote: [ -> ]ryu13 doe you heff email i like toe ask you same qwestions

Send him a private message.
you i will hazel
(Nov. 21, 2011  7:09 PM)beysports1998 Wrote: [ -> ]Depends when and where you live Ill probally join!

When I live? XD

It is in DFW, as the title lists. I would love to have another member on the team besides myself! lol
cud you send my a privet message ryu13
I have just sent it. Please just send me private messages, so as to not fill up this thread with posts not pertaining to the topic.
Ill join. Why can't you come to Saturday's tourney?
*sigh* I am very busy on that weekend, unfortunately. I would come if I could.

Anyway, anyone from DFW, or even from a bit farther away can join!