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Full Version: BB-75 Beyblade Deck Entry Set Draft
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Byser Wrote:{{Setbox
| image =
| full item name = Beyblade Deck Entry Set
| item number = BB-75
| beyblade system = [[Metal Fight Beyblade]]


*Galaxy Pegasis W105R²F (Turquoise Galaxy, Teal Pegasis)
*Earth Virgo T125ES (Magenta)
*Rock Orso ED145D (Grey)
*Beyblade Deck Case

The Faces, Tracks, and Bottoms in this set are the Clear versions.

Note: The Sonokong release of this set also includes a blue Light Launcher

Although R²F and D are good Attack and Stamina Bottoms respectively, the rest of the parts in this set are heavily outclassed. The aformentioned Bottoms can be obtained easily from other more useful products. There is little reason to purchase this set outside of collection purposes.

ED145 has some uses in spin stealers like Meteo L Drago ED145EWD. Also maybe note that even when this was released the parts were outclassed apart from Earth which was top tier then.