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Full Version: BB-09 Pegasis DX Set Draft
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Table of Contents:
1. Contents of Pegasis DX Set
2. Gallery
3. Overall

Contents of Pegasis DX Set

*Pegasis 105F
*Light Launcher
*MFB Attack Type Stadium
*Bull Metal Wheel (Blue)

The Face, Track and Bottom in this set are clear versions


-insert pictures here-

The Pegasis DX Set was the very first MFB set released. As a result, it is now very difficult to find at a reasonable price, although the Sonokong release of the same set is slightly easier to find. Its rarity is increased further due to the inclusion of the BeyPointer, a popular collector item.

The only competitively useful part in the Pegasis DX Set is the MFB Attack Type Stadium, which can be found in other more common and useful sets. Pegasis and Bull are heavily outclassed, and the BeyLauncher is generally preferred over the Light Launcher. This, combined with the rarity of the set, means there is little reason to purchase this set outside of collection purposes


I know there are more useful sets to write about, but since these older sets are out of production and getting harder to find, might as well get them out, at least a draft, before they become forgotten like older Beyblade sets.
Yes, the box says that they are clear versions.

You could also mention that SonoKong released the same set and that, as far as I know, it is slightly easier to find than TAKARA-TOMY's ... ?
This is ready to be posted. Although, we don't have any pictures ... and I doubt anybody actually has one still. The only pictures I was able to find online were those taken by online stores.