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Full Version: Best B daman Website :)
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Last year b daman released in turkey we have tournaments b daman tv show anime on the tv and also many organisations
you can see tournament pictures etc Smile
i used to play b daman, i still have my stuff for it but it kinda got i little boring after awhile for me, no offense to anyone who enjoys it in any way, shape or form
I m working in company about b daman and beyblade project you can see our pictures there Smile
i just saw the pics looked like they were having fun Stupid
Man if I went to that tournament I would terminate them all with a Zero 2 B-daman.
Grinwow you are prety strong than
I used to like this,Still do even XD

I still have some of these stuff like Cobalt blade and another one called..Lightning Kahn or Zepyher