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Full Version: Stickied Thread for WBO Weekly Practice Session in the Official Events Forum
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So I had this brilliant idea, right? Why not designate weekly practice areas in larger, already established communities like they have in the show. It would serve as a great advertisement for Beyblading and a good introduction for newer bladers.

I just came back a few hours ago from a new blader's house who I met at the mini tournament we had on Sunday. These kids lost out bad last event, but their mother was helping me secure a fabulous indoor venue so I wanted to help them win. I went through attack vs. stamina, stalling clause tactics, launch techniques (including week launching), and harmony in combos. I want to do weekly practice sessions in Thompkins Square Park, a park very close to me, every Saturday to show kids publicly what it takes to win.

But why stop at New York? Why not try to get other people around the world and just have a list of the meet up spots? Just like the show. We could simply sticky that list in the official events forum. Here's my answer:

Kai-V Wrote:
Deikailo Wrote:
Kai-V Wrote:
Deikailo Wrote:
Kai-V Wrote:
Deikailo Wrote:Remember how I pitched the idea of their being practices in upcoming events? Is there anyway I can create a thread in the upcoming events section for "schedules world practices" and just have a list of locations where there are weekly free play session in each area of the world? (I.E. Saturday at Regents Park, Saturdays in ____ park in New York, etc.)

A lot of parents agree that it would be nice to just have events where they can come and go as they please and not have to remain in the area.

As I told you, it would have to be directly in preparation for a given tournament.
Why? If it is not listed as an upcoming event, but just a sticky to give practice locations, what's the issue? It's just organizing.

We have never allowed advertisement of meet-ups. It is a tournament, or not. I think it is kind that I would at least allow some meet-ups to be advertised only in association with tournaments ...
It seems as if your policies on organized play are "if we have never done it before, let's not even bother to see if this helps the community because it is a foreign process"

Or there has always been a reason why thoes things were never done.

Now I'm not understanding the reasons. I thought this website wanted to appear "professional?" Because even Hasbro has incorporated this idea.

Really, this website rarely thinks from a parent's point of view. In New York, you can't leave your kid alone. They have to stay 3+ hours for spinning tops. I guarantee you, this is not how they want to spend their day off. It would be nice to give them a 4 hour window of when they can show up to the part so they can just say "okay, 30 minutes" or "1 hour" and then they can leave whenever.

It's also about customer satisfaction. If you want to sell your passports and entry fees, give them the opportunity to win. Most parents see older kids beating their kid and then they get upset or they think the Japanese parts are illegal because they can't get them. For me, I would like to offer practice sessions as well as selling Japanese beys as compensation for their loss and lack of available product otherwise.

Instead of saying "better luck next time", I can say "go to Thompkins Square Park Saturday afternoons! You'll be stronger in no time! That's how we got so good."

I think that since this would really affect the community and may work well in certain areas of the world and terribly in others, it should be open for discussion so we may learn about the different cultures that this game is involved in.

So tell me, WBO. How do you feel about expanding the community this way? Why not sticky the practice jams? As hosts and players, how do you view this either a positive or a negative thing?
At my old afterschool, I did just this, but on a much smaller scale. I taught young bladers, who weren't good at all, about all the basics of the metagame, and they ended up beating me! Now, just think about what someone like Deikailo could do.

I completely support this, and may want to try hosting one at my house if approved.
Blader Passports do not make Passport Holders customers ... It has always just been a way get free access to all of our events in a year, as well as participate in awesome giveaways, and a lot of people get Blader Passports even though there are no tournaments in their area and they know it, so there is not much to complain about.

I like how I go to sleep, and you think I am just not answering you on what those reasons are.

Our trust in some communities is still very fragile. We have a tournament format to maintain and constantly push for. Event loyalty is something that you do not seem to consider.

Seriously, you told me you were going to hold two tournaments each month up to December or something, so what stops you from saying in each tournament topic that there is a practice a week before for each ? That will be the same.

You think we are not thinking of parents, but really, is it more worth it to travel for just a practice that could be seen as even more useless to some parents who do not support their kid's hobby as much as others, in addition to a tournament in the upcoming days for a short time, or for only one day, a designated period of time, for an awesome, structured tournament ? I have to go to university almost everyday of the school week, so I know that I want to spend as little time traveling, but also as little time wasting my gas.
Well, I really like this idea, Dei. But Kai-V's points leave me flabbergasted.... I can't say a thing which proves her wrong.
I think its worth a try at least. Hold a practice-session, see how many attendees you get. If you get too many of 'em who have come to learn, and not considering this as a 'formality' then I think it would be good. Smile
Also, unlike the anime world, Beyblade is a hobby which kids love to follow in their free time. No one would devote their whole life to Beyblading(yes, there are a few exceptions). No one has that much of leisure time to come for a 'practice session'. People would prefer 'chilling out' at home instead.
I am certain that for the first few days, you might get a bunch of members. But as it progresses, things would get more and more complicated. No one, except a few who wanna learn this art sincerely, would like this thing to become a part of their weekly routine.... About parents, they might be upset if they see their child lose. But they certainly won't like their children to take this thing seriously. The famous line- "Son, this is just a game of spinning tops. Don't take it too seriously. It won't help you in the future." would become predominant in most households. Only if all parents were like Tyson's grandfather in the anime.....
Even though this idea is good, it needs a public opinion. Smile
By the way, it was mentioned a few times already, this is not exactly a democracy. You say we have extra-conservative ways, but actually I am presenting you with a totally fair compromise which you refuse to acknowledge in any way. If I am ready to do concessions but that you are stubborn and will not do any concessions, we have a problem. You cannot expect for your ideas to be completely accepted, because there are always reasons why they were not done before. You have to be willing to deform your suggestions so they actually fit what this site needs.

I also thought it would be customary to ask the other person involved in a discussion before publishing private messages to the public like that ...
This idea is awsome. However, Kai-V has a point. A lot of parents don't support beyblading as much as others. Maybe a couple of people would show up at a time. Maybe even none would come. On the contrary, if a city has eight or more beybladers, then a practice area and time can be established for that city.