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Full Version: [Surabaya] [06 Nov 11] FIGHT CLUB: Legend
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Attendees: (Click to View)

1st place: Marcell e
2nd place: Mtwo
3rd place: stephen74

The Result
Count me, akira2002 and stephen74 in
Yup, count me in
Yea yea me too..
count ♍ϱ in
OK, all are added to the list. Also a somewhat good news:

There's 1 thread that is available to discuss in Indonesian language. Feel free to participate there. Check it out at:
Cool ... Im also joining 
count me with ghost devil and ultimatezz men
Im coming as well
I'm in
I'm coming
OK, all are added to the list. Dont forget to your friends too.
I'm so in. Please count me in... Smile
i also in
i also in
i also follow
Congratulations to the winners:

1st. Marcell e
2nd. Mtwo
3rd. stephen74
Just saying, if I were to attend any other tournament in the world, it would have to be Indonesia. The metagame is so good and heaps of good bladers. indo or london for sure Smile
We'd be lucky to have you Chups. You are welcomed anytime.

On a side note, I'll be in Melbourne this december, but my schedule is too tight to attend any possible tournaments.
PMed you to try and not SPAM.

Is it you guys that have had lots of previous WBBA Champions?
Iirc, only 1 person in our club is the current WBBA champion (regional). In Jakarta, there are many others who are or were champions at one time or more. In Singapore, it's safe to say that they were all current or ex champions.

Tough competition here...
too bad emily2000 hand was injured, so she can't perform well> but she made tru the final round.
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