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Full Version: [Battle at the Fort] Indiana Beyday Tournament
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Sorry it didn't turn out quite right gents. Good luck to the next one!
Still want to see you both at MBS by the way...
Wow I can't believe I got second after all that XD And from that quick hosh posh blade i made, even though it was low and had upper dragoon I had no idea what to use for the weight disk, but apparentally it worked Tongue_out but now I got my own Master Dragoon to (hopefully) win with Grin Yah, we thought you guys may be more enthusiastic lol, and your brother just started listening to music while doing it so half the time i talked to him he didn't notice I was XD o well, next time should be even better. I was thinking about that though (the grass thing) cause they got caught between the squares which could have torn them up, not to mention I dropped a few of yours (I'm so sorry! DX) And if you put the vids up you definately need the one when Penguin's WD just shattered, then make it in slow motion XD

Hah, just noticed, I like how Gimpy was on a winning streak and then I come up and it just ends lol
Lol. Yeah. We're quiet......I was excited, I just didn't show it very well, I guess. I had fun. XD Dunno what was up with my brother, though. I yelled at him a couple times, too. >.>
Grass should work better, the tips get torn up when they spin on cement after awhile, so grass should solve that. As long as it's not muddy......
And, yes, I put that in slow motion. XD

Lol, my computer it would be fun to make the video take 16 minutes to will be a little while longer before I can upload it :\
That'll be great lol, there were some good knock out's too with the seaborg and some other good fights so I think the vid should be pretty good Smile
Should be done uploading soon.....
Windows Move Maker sux Unhappy
OMFG!!!!!!!! The slo-mo part is the best XD can't stop laughing
Haha, it was pretty funny. I was suprised at how long the video was.....
Yeah, for some reason we didn't get many shots of the OHKO's but i'm glad you kept the voices in, I was hoping you would lol
I like keeping the voices in. It makes the video so much more intertaining and funny, lol. Yeah, the OHKO's went so fast you couldn't see them on camera, so I didn't add most of them. I didn't get alot of the on camera either. XD
Well at least we got the whole bunch of me killing pepe's black one, those were totally awesome up attacks too, over the stadium walls XD
I noticed that, too. It was awesome. I think I got that to happen on his trygle combo once, too. I wasn't using and upper combo, though. Oh, and I totally forgot I used Dragoon G's AR in one of my combo's. One of the battles might be labeled wrong. XD
Haha, oh well. I love the stuff we say though like pepe's "stay away, stay away, NO!!!" and just other random stuff. I also noticed you only shot the plastic battles Tongue_out and when he's like i'm sad mark keeps losing and then he loses XD But there were a lot of good parts in that small amount of time we played (well, long compared to what i'm used to) but there were lots more good things than I thought would happen, but the WD destruction is still my highlight Grin
Haha, I agree. Little things like that are what makes it so fun.
When were you planning on coming here, Deikailo? XD
EDIT: just noticed I kept mispelling your username. I'm sorry DX
Noticed you started to put little things in now that u uploaded it, make sure to put in some of the stuff we say you can't hear well, like when the blade is stuck at the top and scott says he planned it, you really don't hear it unless you know he said it and are listining to it, but just a suggestion Tongue_out like the little things though Smile
Haha, I didn't even hear that one. I may do that, but Annotations are a pain..... I might do it later tonight.
Haha, didn't know they were a pain, oh well, it'd be funny
Looks like you guys had a lot of fun Smile

I'd strongly recommend getting the MFB Attack Stadium and not battling directly on concrete for the next event you put together.
What stadium were we playing on anyway? And yeah, we just talked about not having it on concrete, u watch the vid? man the slow-mo was just hilarious
We were getting the MFB attack but it didn't come in time. We were using the original Takara Attack Stadium, The BeyAttack Stadium....I think that's what it's called. Thanks, Synesthesia. Smile
The slow motion is awesome! I think that should go on the all time Beyblade Highlight reel!

The section of the video where I try to use Saizo again's Xenoka is terrible on my part!
Yeah, but it was cool just seeing how well dragoon's upper attack works Smile but still, i don't remember u using the little black one against me when that happened, show me it at school, maybe i'll remember lol oh, you mean the one where the weight disk was over the attack? Yeah, i remember now lol
It's was cool to see it jump the wall, though. XD
That clip where the blade jumped on the wall, then came down for a swooping attack was great. Looks like you guys, and a Gal too it seemed, had a good time. Gratz to Pichu for his victory.
(May. 24, 2009  2:37 AM)fragbait Wrote: [ -> ]That clip where the blade jumped on the wall, then came down for a swooping attack was great. Looks like you guys, and a Gal too it seemed, had a good time. Gratz to Pichu for his victory.

If you listen really really ( i really mean REALLY) closely right after he comes back out Pepe says "He planned it out!" or something similar lol. And yes there was a girl there, it was Pepe's girlfriend XD
Thanks man. Smile And, yeah, Gimpy was Pepe's girlfriend. She was the one that broke his 8 wide. XD
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