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Full Version: Selling & Trading offers! Special Zeus and Trypio Deal!!!
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Hey Guys! I have a great deal for you. Zeus and Trypio plastic beys in good condition for $12.50, shipping inluded. Or it is otherwise $7 per bey with shipping included. The beys are used but they are in very good condition. Trypio does not have the stickers applied. I will trade for these beys, but I mostly want to sell them. Post your offers below, DO NOT PM ME! By the way I do not have Paypal unfortinately, but I will take moner order, or you can mail the money in an envelope to my address. I will PM you if I can accept your offer. If you are willing to buy post below and I will check sometime soon ASAP. Only post offers if you are trading, and I will give a better reason why down below.
Trypio and Zeus

Hey guys, I've decided that the only way I will get some of the best mfb parts I want are to trade my own. But dont laugh because some of my parts suck (Plus, sorry to burst your bubble but they are all hasbro:\). Here's what I have to offer:
1x Aquario CW
1x Bull CW
1x Aries CW
1x Capricorn CW
1x Cyber MW
1x Counter MW
1x Killer MW
1x Midnight MW
1x Storm MW
1x 105 Track
1x 145 Track
1x ED145 Track
1x D125 Track
1x RF (used but in good condition)
1x F
1x B
1x SF
MFB and Plastics
I probably will buy some things, but most likely not. Because like I said, I dont have a paypal, and most people require a paypal account for purchases. But if you have a good price and you dont require a paypal account I will PM you. So lets get down to business. Lets say you decide to take the ED145 track an Aquario clear wheel, then you give me a track and clear wheel. So it is like a track for a track and wheel for a wheel. By the way, here are some things i am looking for. The bey parts I will trade the MFB parts for. And like launchers and MISC., I will trade Zeus and Trypio for.
Galaxy Pegasus W105R2F
Ray Gill 100RSF
Gravity Perseus AD145WD
Basalt Horogium 145WD
Cyclone Herculeo 105F
Flame Libra T125ES
Earth Eagle 145WD
Earth Virgo GB145BS
A Thunder Wheel
Light Launcher 1 or 2 doesnt matter
A Tool for a launcher grip
one or two metal faces
Or any single parts from the beyblades listed above
Please someone take up on my offers. I didnt wwant to ask for too much. Remember to post your offers. I will PM you if I take up on your offer. Have a good time, and remember to BEY ALL DAY!!!
Use one of your other 6 threads.
Also I forgot to mention; First buyer or customer that buys or goes through with an offer, gets the turqouis tool in the MFB picture. (Not the best special offer but it is a little decent Grin)
(Oct. 29, 2011  11:08 PM)Poseidon Wrote: [ -> ]Use one of your other 6 threads.

no one checks those plus I am deleting them anyways
You can't delete them, you just bump them, you should only have one BTW.