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Full Version: What was I thinking!
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Oh man, is this something. I was out, about last December, and decided to buy the Collectors Edition Beyblade:Metal Fusion game from Gamestop with Counter Leone for my little sister(she was 8 at the time). I was getting the Toys "R" Us version the day after with Cyber Pegasus, and decided I need somebody to battle now and then. Well, when I got back, I gave it to her as an early Christmas present. She seemed to like it, and she had some fun with the Leone too. But, only a month or so later, she didnt touch the game, and my guess is she forgot about it and the Bey. Whenever I get the chance, I take the Bey back. She doesnt notice until she see's me using it against Cyber or another one in my collection. She takes it back, shouting its hers and other stuff. She takes it back into her room, and a minute later, completely forgets about it. Guess what I do? Take it back. One day, I saw a youtube video, I think it was by blad08er, and he had "Iron" Pegasus. An all black Pegasus. That gave me an idea to try it. So the next morning, I take my Storm Pegasus and some black paint and a brush(don't try it with a brush, it just messes it up). My sis walks out and looks at my project. I see a big lightbulb on her head, and she grabs Leone, some red paint, and a brush(again, don't try it), and she starts on the Clear Wheel. It looks like carp now, and she used sharpie on the Counter Wheel. So now, half the Metal Wheel is stained black. Anyway, after that, even now she STILL rambles that it's hers, and even now I'm trying to scratch off the paint and sharpie. Although she doesnt care about the game, because I gave it to a friend of mine and he as had it for a month. What was I thinking, getting her that Bey! It's annoying, thinking of what I did!
This really does not deserve a topic anywhere.