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Full Version: Looking for Hell Kerbecs Blue Inferno
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Hi everybody,
I'm looking for this bey,if anyone have one Nib,please tell me:
[Image: 480px-%E7%94%BB%E5%83%8F_002.jpg]
Um this is rediculously rare and expensive. You'd realise that right.
sure Wink
Usually about 200 - 500$

u actually think you would buy a bey for that much?
there is one in yja for 10000yen starting bid though..
i doubt any rare beys reack 200USD unless black dragoon gt set or purple flame pegasus..hhaha..but yeah..idk much on MFB..XD
Hi, I have a new one it will cost $470.00 USD with shipping. The shipping is EMS.
no way i would give that bey
I bought one for 30$ but i never got it D: either i got scammed (most likely) or it could have been the fact that i moved homes during the time i ordered it and the people shipping it messed up with my package... i was devastated, i was so happy that i got to buy it...
Ya I have never even seen that before. Purple bd145. Awesome. Not $400 awesome though. Lol
I can make you one?
Just kidding man.
(Oct. 21, 2011  7:34 AM)NBeybladeManiac Wrote: [ -> ]Hi, I have a new one it will cost $470.00 USD with shipping. The shipping is EMS.

Would you be willing to sell it now? I know it's been a while. Please reply soon and let me know.