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Have you ever had a fun, cool, amazing, weird, or embarrassing moment while playing any sport. This is the Place to post it! But please do put elaborations on your Sports Moments and please give a good description of it.

Do not discuss any other moments than sports.

Please do share!

Today in PE we were playing a game of Football. Now my entire team were a bunch of my friends, and none of played Football. Sure I/We watch it, enjoy it, but when it comes to playing it.....
We were gonna lose badly, cuz the other team were a bunch of Football Players. Our Modo the entire game was, "Come on guys, Lets lose with Dignity!" Somewhat during the Game, we ended up just losing like idiots. So that became our new modo, "Lets Lose like Idiots."We had a bunch of fun Losing. In the end of the Game, that's where the real moment was. I tried to catch the ball, but a guy intercepted it and it hit me right in the face hard, then a guy in front of me turned and his hand hit me right in the face. And the worst part, he was wearing a silver ring with a big bulky skull on it. I had to go to the nurse cuz me lip was bleeding, surprisingly, not too much. But I had and Ice Pack the entire day.
My favorite was me playing football. I forget who we were playing, but I think it was a scrimmage against Evergreen Park Community High School, but I'm not totally sure. We were down by three in the first quarter (Sorry, no epic comeback story here.) and it was my very first game off the bench as a QB, since I played safety during practice. The first thing I did? I took off running. I went nowhere, but it was fun. The second? I broke all THREE rules of playing QB. Never throw late. Never throw high. never throw over the middle to avoid a hit, just take the damn sack. I complete the pass, and was promptly benched. It was so much fun to see my coach fume. I was starting three weeks later, but that game sticks out. I went in later after being chewed out, but I especially like my mistakes, since I learned form them. (And it was my first time REALLY playing QB.)
How did that game end?

Anyways, mine would be when I was playing basketball with my friends around three days ago. It was two on two, and one guy on each team did virtually nothing. Then I tripped on my friend's heel somehow, and sort of twisted my ankle... Needless to say, we lost the game, and my ankle still hurts, not my best game...
Is it OK if I have more than 1 favorites? If yes-
My first favorite moment is when I was playing cricket. Our team(team of 4 people each) was batting first and I was the last man left. We had a score of 8 runs for 3 wickets- 8/3. Now it was my turn!
Being among the worst batsmen in the world, people had lost hope. Still, I ended up taking the team score to 57! I played slow, and sometimes struck boundaries! Then I got out like always...
Second one-
In the same match, I was the main bowler. It was about to rain and the wind was too strong! There was a coconut tree in the playground, and the powerful wind made lots of coconuts fall down! Hence fielders were moved from that area. Now, because I was extremely frustrated about all my batting effort going waste,(if it rained before the match ended, the match would end up as a draw) I bowled faster than usual. The wind aided me to swing the ball, and I took a memorable hat-trick!

Third one- I was playing football one day. Being an expert fouler and rule-breaker,(I don't do it on purpose. Just that I don't really know how to play well) the other team got about 17 free-kicks/penalty shots in the game! Tongue_out
(Oct. 15, 2011  7:56 AM)gokurox Wrote: [ -> ] How did that game end?

Anyways, mine would be when I was playing basketball with my friends around three days ago. It was two on two, and one guy on each team did virtually nothing. Then I tripped on my friend's heel somehow, and sort of twisted my ankle... Needless to say, we lost the game, and my ankle still hurts, not my best game...

We won, but we were playing backups by the end of the game.

Also: Bummer. I'm not great at basketball, but I like to think that I'm not too lazy to play.
I was in year six playing for my school against another school, although i am good at football i was brought in 2 minutes before the end of the match and forgot what way i was shooting so i ran with ball seeing all my players passing me it did not occur to my mind that i was going the wrong way all of a sudden i saw that i running through my player and saw my goalie shouting at me to turn back so i gave the ball to my friend and he toe blowed it somewhere turned around started complaining at me at that point the other team were laughing almost crying after my lack of inexperience
Baseball memories: Ah, my first bunt. I failed. I got the bunt, made it to first base, got greedy, stole second, rounded to third, and pulled an Ozzie Guillen. I tripped because I tried to catch someone off-guard and headed to home plate. If the team we were playing was any good, I'd have been out. Instead, I scrambled back to third. (And stole home later. We won 30-0 by mercy rule. As in: Everyone scored, no outs at all, and the game ended with a grand slam from our pitcher. Had to be the best playoffs game EVER. Hit my third homer that season in that game, too. Hard to do with no gate. It's only a homer if it rolls into another diamond, or if you can make it home before someone gets the ball. I'm not the best batter, but I think my arm makes me a good outfielder, plus I can dive to an extent. Besides, playing scared isn't how I do things. If I think I can steal a base, I will run. If not...I will run later. That's gotten my team a few RBIs, and me yelled at a lot. That's why I like baseball. It's not something you can get swept up in easily, like football. The only ego-based positions are pitcher and designated hitter. I played center field at Hayes Park in a minor league. (14-16 year-olds. I got traded...)

Second favorite baseball moment: The Day I Got Traded.
So, the park has some type of draft thing. You try out, and the coaches pick you. I was selected in the eighth round by the Marlins, so I was happy. (Maybe 50 kids got picked ahead of me, and my last team in a different league was the Marlins. We were 4th there, so I was hopeful.) I got my equipment, my jersey, and was named starter at 3rd base. Ew. I didn't make a stink, but after my third practice, the coach confiscated my jersey and cap. I had been traded to the team playing across from us for the coach's son, who was picked WAY later since he didn't know jack about baseball, and frankly sucked. Here I was with over .300 batting average, and this kid couldn't hit a softball, and I was traded? What the hell? So I pack my stuff, got my bat, and went across the field. The team was the White Sox (Yup! That made my day! Also...backwards. Ozzie just went to the Marlins from the Sox.) Our first game was against the Marlins, and I didn't do so well at first. I didn't know any of my teammates, and I had never played right field, only center. Naturally, I sucked the first four innings, and we fell behind 3-1. Afterwards, the bats woke up. I went 4-6 with two doubles and a triple, and three RBIs (They gave us stat sheets afterwards so we could see if we needed to improve) and had a .969 fielding percentage and no errors after the 4th. We ended up winning 9-3, and ended up in a tie for first before the playoffs with the Diamondbacks. (We were all named after MLB teams. And for the most parts, they were accurate. The Mets went winless. That's the team we beat 30-0.) In the playoffs, we lost in 7 games to the D-backs, and ended up in second. We'll try again soon.
Haha, way to stick it to your old coach.

My best moment?

Best: Soccer RAGE

So when I played soccer for 10 years, my coach always benched me. I got the minimum amount of playing time (5 minutes), and I wasn't even that bad of a player; we just had 16 kids on the team so he "had" to choose one person to bench a lot. That person was me.

Well, one time we were facing our rivals, Southbury, and I was really mad at one guy who earlier tripped me and the ref called ME for the fowl (Which was stupid, because I was the one on the ground -.-). So he kicked the ball right at my head, and I was so furious I headed it right back at him- out of bounds. So now we were at the half-field. The guy threw it in-right at me. And again, I headed it, this time a little forward. By now I was flustered and in tears, so terribly pissed at the guy that I screamed every time I headed the ball. This pattern continued 3 more times until he finally made it not go out of bounds and kicked it right at my feet. I dribbled up and he went to block me, but I basically trucked the guy (Perfectly legally, too!) and kept going. I stayed on the right side and kicked the ball with all of my might right across the goal line-and my teammate gently tapped it in for the game winning goal! I've never liked anger, but it felt damn good that game to keep heading the ball and getting it all out of me.
...Brooklyn Rage! The wild Sparta used Headbutt! There are so many jokes that could go there. I suck at soccer. I run in bursts. Also: I hate the D-backs. It wouldn't have even been an ISSUE if we hadn't lost to the damn CUBS. Do you know how EMBARASSING that is? I don't care that they were 3rd, they're the CUBS. Automatic shame. We split a series with 'em, but we lost Game 1 12-0. Yeah...
Wow guys, You guys have had some amazing moments. Especially Sparta and Temporal!

Well during a recent basketball game, we were winning, but only by 2-3 points. Now one guy on our team went all Shaqiele O'Neil Free Throw Style and the ball flew back. I tried to tip it, but I FAILED. The ball went 1 foor to the right and the guy next to me tipped and, swish! An amazing shot! We ended up losing though by 4. It was 13-9.
Shaq's playig style isn't flying back.. it's banking with poor form..
Back then he would slam the ball when ever he did a free throw.
Or just bricking. I've seen his shot from high school. Nope, it was worse back then. In fact, it's probably easier to win if you just foul Shaq every time he touches the ball. People realized this, so he retired, hah.
What do you mean "back then"?

A free throw is not slamming the ball..
Older highlights. As in: Lakers. With high school team.

Also, when you can hear the rim from outside, it's bad. When others are in direct danger of being hit with the ball, it's bad. If people cheer when you're fouled, it's bad.
Not a free throw, either way.

It isn't correct to really call it a style, buy maybe more of a 'way'..

Eh, it's not, but I think he meant the ball slammed the rim because the shot was too hard. But that's more like Kurt Thomas outside of 15 feet, not Shaq.
Yes, I was thinking more of Kareem Abdul-Jabar's dunks when he said "flying back".
Actually, I was more thinking Joakim Noah in college, because of size. Really, that dude could fly.

On topic: Okay, does it have to be me? I remember seeing a Gary RailCats game (Minor league baseball), and it was epic. I got a foul ball, the 'Cats won, and the weirdest bunt EVER happened. So some guy goes up to bat, and the 'Cats are down by I think two in the eighth. Second and Third were occupied, so the guy lays a bunt down the middle, and the shortstop misses it. (That thing was moving. I don't blame him.) So, the two guys score, and the batter's motoring. He gets caught between third and second, and a rundown starts. Five minutes later, the ball goes sailing over the second baseman's head because they got dizzy and tired. needless to say, it was epic, even if it DID take forever.
One of my sports moments was when i was 6 and in little leauge baseball. I'm at bat, i hit the ball and the ball hits shortstop in the face...... oops sorry shortstop. We won the game.
Owie. I once drilled a pitcher in the face. We lost 12-0. (Cubs game of which I speak. I was pissed.)
I guess that's what they mean by keeping your eye on the ball..... or your forehead on the ball or whatever Smug

There's this kid. Now he has, what I would say, Never ending sports moments. He's a great athlete and all. But every time he plays, there's a time where he gets a bit hardcore and he hurts himself on accident.

So Basketball Tryouts Happened on Friday, Monday and Tuesday. On the first day, he tried to do a lay up, and his and hit the back board and went flying and.... SLAMMED into the bleachers. The second day he starts running and he's blocked, the defense get knocked down but as he falls, the kid is poked right in the eye. Not much bad but it must have hurt cuz he came back with an ice pack on his eye. The third day. He's running and he trips over the ball, he SLIDS o the floor and... SLAM into the bleachers. Again. But he never even says ow or anything when he gets hurt. He just moves on. But I'm sure he's hurting on the inside. And he never breaks anything.....
I wasn't there to see it...but I HAVE to post this.

So apparently, the coach of the soccer team was giving an inspirational speech to the soccer team. Something about teamwork an determination...
Anyways, he took out this paint bucket to use for a metaphor. He had to kick it to prove his he did.

The can exploded, and the paint got everywhere-all over the balls and players bags. All the kids were laughing their heads off, and the coach got so upset. He honestly thought he was going to be fired or something, haha. It was just such a funny moment.
Best. Shot. Ever.

So, the 10th grade team was getting slaughtered, 42-24, and apparently, we were screwed. So we decided to lose in style. We took the dumbest shots ever, and got to the free-throw line VERY often as a result. (And-1 attempts. Funny, but this actually closed the gap. A lot.) By the time the teachers actually started playing again, we were down by two with I think...fifty seconds? Maybe forty. The timer was next to my Geometry teacher. So, the guys want a hustle guard out there. That's me. Can't shoot. Not that tall. Not that fast. Not at all. But I digress. I tend to hit dumb shots more than good ones. (Deep 3s, running hook shots, faders, etc...) So I stumble, and decide it's a good idea to shoot. I jumped, fired the ball, and ran into some teacher. (I think it was a eighth grade teacher. Not sure.) The ball sails WAY high, and drops right into the basket, and our principal calls a foul. I missed the free throw though, but at least we won. Barely. (We got back into it because every teacher had to play. As in, a kid, Anthony Davis [look him up. Like, NOW. The kid was a senior last year. He's nearly seven feet tall.] was guarding the soccer coach. Poor coach got schooled. How to block a shot 101 is now is session.) But I digress, that shot was EPIC. I hit only two more shots the rest of the day. I used up all my luck.
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