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Full Version: New Rule: One Thread Per Article
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It has become evident as of late, that some members are becoming too competitive with regards to writing drafts for Beywiki. Remember, Beywiki is a collaborative effort. Beywiki is not the product of one person. When you post a draft, keep an open mind, welcome the help of others, and expect it to be edited.

To help correct this attitude, a new rule will be implemented: from this point forward, there is to be only one thread per article. What this means is that once someone has posted a draft, any subsequent drafts are to be posted in that same thread. The thread creator (or a moderator) can then edit the OP and add in the new draft (assuming that it's entirely new and not just an updated version of the original, in which case, the person who originally wrote the draft can update it).

For any existing threads–such as Shabalabadoo's and BeybladeStation's L Drago Destroy F:S articles–please move the draft from the newest of the two threads into the older one (along with a link to the original thread). The older thread will then be locked. I haven't checked if there is any other threads like this, so if there is, please notify me via PM.

We hope that doing this will encourage a more friendly, collaborative atmosphere where we can all work together to produce something great, rather than fighting against each other to prove who is 'better'.