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Full Version: BOSTON BEYBLADE SUMMIT! AnimeBoston Beyblade Tournament in May!
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EDIT OF FAIL:I don't really know how to say this...

I'm dealing with a major family crisis right now,so I am unable to run the tournament as planned.I'm sorry to everyone who wanted to come,it may occur later in the year,but for now,the tournament is cancelled.Please lock this topic.=(
How many people are going to steal my naming conventions? Only Brad is allowed. I demand a change in name!
Just ask Brad to change the MBS logo for you.
I suggested the name, actually. Grin
(May. 02, 2009  2:27 AM)Bey Brad Wrote: [ -> ]I suggested the name, actually. Grin

For his event? Yeah, that makes sense.
I wasn't trying to dog him. I'm glad I made some kind of impact here already, even if it is a small one. Smile
Anyway, good luck, BlackAce. And you are more than welcome at MBS come July.
Thanks.You're welcome at BBS too...I just realized what that spells...Confused
BBS? What's the joke...
I would come to BBS if I could. I can't really travel unless it's for Brawl.
EDITEeeveryone,I'm sorry for screwing you around.

I've decided along with Bey Brad to make one big open format tournament,round robin in blocks.

EDIT:I'd like to know how many of you are definitely coming to this,so please PM me or post here so I can get a head count.
Just edit your original post to include the new info/ updates.
Do you think that there would be enough of a turnout to warrant three separate divisions? Maybe try merging plastic and HMS together since they are both the old series, and keep the MFB one separate. There can always be free battles after which could be just plastics vs. plastics and HMS vs. HMS.
True...I was just following the guy I was talking to's suggestions.I'll fix it.
I was confused the first time I read the GClash section. I would reword it to say that you can only use the blade you used to win your tourney. As it stands, it's a little confusing.
That's way too convoluted dude ... just host an open format tournament.
Ok,everything's set for 1 big open format tournament in Round Robin blocks.

I'm currently buying supplies,any suggestions?

I'm buying for all series,not just MFB.

But keep it SANE,ok guys?Nothing too expensive or rare...I am on somewhat of a tight budget.
just get whatever you can afford, then
You should update your original post with all the new info. Will make it a lot easier for people interested in going to the tourney, if all the info is in one place instead of them having to search through the thread for all the info

And what exactly do you mean by supplies?
Prizes? Anyway for prizes:
1st: Hyrbid Wheel Match Set, Metal Faces (x2), Rock Leone, Flame Saggi
2nd: Beystadium Balance/ Stamina/ Wide Square Type, Flame Saggi, Dark Wolf, Metal Face
3rd: Beylauncher, Libra, Random Booster Volume 2.
Somehow, I have a feeling that might not fit into his tight budget Giga.

How much are you planning on spending? It's hard to give suggestions without some ballpark figure.
1st Prize: HWS Starter
2nd Prize: Starter
3rd Prize: Booster

Unless it's 9+ people, that should suffice unless they plan to contribute.
Ok,everyone,a quick announcement.I'm going to update my original post too,but so I can have peace of mind that it gets read...

Even though I will try to get Beyblades for people who lack them,PLEASE,PLEASE PLEEEEEEEEEEASE BRING YOUR OWN!

I'm not made of money,nor am I made of Beyblades (That would be awesome though).I will only be able to afford so many spares,so if you want to participate in this tournament (which I sincerely hope you do),please make an honest attempt to bring your own or at least buy some before May 23.

Being made of Beyblades would suck. People would want to stick their launchers in you and you would always be spinning. Bleh...
Innuendo overload. X_X