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Full Version: Buying Mint Hyperblades
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When I was a young lad, I was a fan of Beyblades. That has not changed.

HOWEVER, it was during this time that I first became interested in them, after seeing a very specific top in a walgreens.

It was Pink and Purple, a Wolborg 2. I had to have it, but my $5 allowance would not let me. So I left it, brokenhearted.

I recently learned that the Wolborg was part of a series, called Hyperblades. Upon looking on ebay and amazon for them, I found nothing, and so I come to here.

I am willing to pay any reasonable price for a MINT Hyperblade, any kind. I don't care if the box is damaged as long as the blade is unconstructed and unbroken.

Help me out, WBO! You're my only hope!